Monday, December 20, 2010

Literotica still can't get it right

Well now it's almost funny.  Here is the ongoing saga to get Wheels of Steel re-edited onto  I posted 9 re-edits of Wheels of Steel and the 10th chapter which was all new.  On Monday, Chapter 10 was the only one to post which was surprisingly quick.  I found a problem in it, and noted that the name had not been updated and the category had not been changed.  I made a note of this fact when re-submitting chapter 10.  And then I sat and waited for Chapters 1-9 of the re-edit to hit the web.

Chapter 1 showed up (with incorrect name and category), but the other submissions just disappeared...well with the exception that the chapter descriptions mysteriously updated...almost as if someone had attempted to pretend to update the story but hadn't.  Obviously I went through each story and saw that they had not.

I immediately re-submitted the edits with the following note:

"I'm submitting this story to you a second time.  I sent an email expressing my concern that my re-edits have not posted but have completely disappeared and that the descriptions at the beginning of each 'OLD' chapter are the only changes made. 

I want to assure you that this story is now nearly double in size and that these chapters are completely different!  Please change the name of the story as I previously indicated to Wheels of Steel.  And please give this 2nd submission of these re-edits your prompt attention.  The ongoing story as posted is out of synch and very confusing to the reader.  If you have questions then please contact me at... "

I then proceeded to wait and to wait and to wait. And now, over 2 weeks since the first submission and over 1 week since the 2nd submission the following is the note I got along with rejections of the re-edits:

"Hi there! When we replace the edited text of a story with the new text, it takes 12-24 hours for the site to regenerate and replace all the story pages. Please wait for 24-36 hours after an edit has been processed by us to check the story. At this point, all of the story edits you previously submitted should be processed and the correct text should already be on the site. If this chapter's edit is in place, please DELETE this edit submission. If the previously submitted chapters edit is still not showing up for you, please resubmit with a note in the NOTES field letting us know this. Thanks! "

So, what I did was to send the following note with my THIRD re-edit:

"I've read your reason for rejecting this chapter.  This will be the third time that I've submitted the EXACT same edit.  The first time I submitted it was over 2 weeks ago.  I'm sure that should have been sufficient time for them to show up. I can clearly see that none of the previous two submissions have been changed. I have changed the name of the story as well as the category not to mention that the story itself is changed.  Not sure what the difficulty is but here is the THIRD attempt to edit this chapter.

If you have questions then please contact me at... "

So at this point, not sure what to expect from Literotica.  Right now they seem pretty...stupid to me.



  1. Lol. Just pull all of it and then wait like a month...maybe they will have forgotten about it. Till then we can read it here, which is what I'm slowly doing. I rushed through the first time b/c it was so good! But this time I want to savor some of the edits so far are sort of subtle, but I'm sure that will change the more I read it.

  2. Ah your kidding me! They can be such a pain in the ass lately. A story by my friend seems to change names oddly enough.
    This is normal: The Síochán

    This is when it gets...well odd:

    I am a VE so I read through many stories and they keep deny a lad's one that to me is perfect. Yet they deny it, his old stories he has tried to submit my edits but 2 months later nothing. In the end he deleted everything and resubmitted it all again.

    Any chance you would release a pdf of WOS? I adore the story and would love to see the new edits :)

    Good luck and hope you have a great xmas

  3. Okay! I never post comments, but I'm totally confused! Are the new chapters 1-10 on this blog the new ones? I'm scared to go to Literotica, don't want to get more confused. I love this story and want to start with your new version. What do I do?

  4. Literotica finally put the updates online! So you are safe to go there. I'll be posting chapter 11 here very soon. Sorry for the confusion!


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