Thursday, December 16, 2010

Literotica's submission of WOS is not correct

When I rewrote Wheels of Steel and submitted the re-edit's to Literotica, I also wrote a 'new' chapter.  When Literotica approved them, they approved the 'new' chapter first.  This created alot of confusion for people that don't follow the blog but who have been waiting for pt 10 of the original story.  They had no idea that I was rewriting the entire story and reposting it so that it would not match any of the previous submissions.  It felt as if the story was jumping ahead.

Literotica has now supposedly posted the re-edits, however they just left the same story and changed the descriptions at the beginning!  What???  It almost seems as if they were just trying to be lazy and trying to sneak the new descriptions in without making any of the changes.  Now I'm not going to outright accuse them of this since I don't know all of the reasons that the re-edits would disappear and the old story is still there with new descriptions...but that is just how it seems to me.

So even though I'm not supposed to do this, I will be directing people to read the blog until Literotica has this corrected.

I'm including a direct link to Literotica's posting of Wheels of Steel Chp 1 which is the only one that is semi-correct (still has the wrong name).

LITEROTICA Wheels of Steel ch 1


  1. WTF

    That is not gooooood

    I'll talk to you this weekend, I got some news for you ^^


  2. a shame they fucked things up so badly. did you submit them all at the same time or one a day? maybe in the latter some confusion can be avoided?

    @Ho-Z i'll be starting a new chapter soon too, but WOW had me distracted for a little while, sorry hun.

  3. hmmmm no wonder i got so confused, i thought that your note in the beginning of chapter 10 has already prepared me and my sis to check and re-check chapters previously, but i didnt find it so i just continue reading chapter 10. I will start to re-read it all over again then, thank you.


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