Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I like wigs

Why is there a stigma to it? I like wigs. And why do people insist upon saying; but I have a lot of hair. If you wear your wig well you won't have to say that, because nobody will know--well except with me because I insist on changing my style from long to short at the drop of a dime. And I readily admit when I'm wearing a hairpiece or a wig.
I'll share what I intend to wear this spring. I'm waiting on my Mommy wig for summer. It's by The Janet Collection. It is so sharp and I'm strangely obsessed with it because it is super short. Check it out on YouTube if you're even slightly intrigued. 
 not sure why this is blinking...and my forehead is super huge, YIKES! 


I got the Mommy wig and absolutely love it. I ended up dying it brown because I like light colors but it looked unnaturally brassy.  

Here is my very own YouTube review.


  1. I ain't mad at you after dealing with two girls with hair past the middle of their backs I'm not feeling dealing with mine. So wigs are in or braids. I try to keep it simple

  2. You can't show and not tell. Now tell the class name/maker/and color. You rockin the hell outta that color. I'm a big wig fan too they're versatile and convenient. Please show mommy off when you get her, I'm still on the fence about going that short.


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