Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wheels of Steel; A love story pt 17

Wow, it's 12:30.  I did not intend on taking so long in posting this update.  I hope you enjoy!


Bruno Mars~Just the Way You Are
Avril Lavigne~Alice
Kings of Leon featuring Haley Williams of Paramore~Love Somebody

Wheels of Steel; a love story pt 17


  1. Havent even read it yet and im already excited. Me and My boyfriend stayed up late for the story because we read your comment about putting a new update today. I just wanted to say we have enjoyed ever part of Wheels of Steel and cant wait for more

  2. It is an awesome story, plus the writer make it so good, that u can imagine u are already there! Mind reader!

  3. Hi Pep,

    I wanted to remind in in Part 12 you mentioned Patty testing Robin to meet her for the mall trip. Just in case you wanted to take out that line in this chapter where she asks Jason for Patty's number. Instead she can mention to Jason that she is going outside to call Patty.

    I love the Chapter. I tried to stay up last night to read it but couldn't make it. I read it a few times today while at working not working.

    Great Job!!!!!

  4. not testing, texting.


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