Friday, September 10, 2010

Top list last

Check out the top list for the last 30 days.  WOS is really popular!  Thank you all for your votes!  And thanks JG for the heads up! 

Interracial Love

Top Rated Stories Submitted In:
RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 07
A party gone horribly wrong. by PepperPace (09/02/10)
4.86 (117)
2.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 06
Walking on your own, sensual sensitivity. by PepperPace (08/29/10)
4.86 (138)
3.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 05
A pervy client and caught in a lie. by PepperPace (08/26/10)
4.84 (145)
4.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 04
My eyes are green, 'cause I eat a lot of vegetables. by PepperPace (08/22/10)
4.83 (130)
5.Love Me Now Ch. 06
She lets him love her and someone from her past comes back. by theonlinestalker (08/29/10)
4.83 (76)
6.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 03
A mean mother, ghetto fish, and a bad pact. by PepperPace (08/18/10)
4.81 (116)
7.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 02
Top's popularity and Robin's fears come to light. by PepperPace (08/15/10)
4.79 (138)
8.This Time Around Ch. 05
James can no longer ignore his feelings. by london8692 (08/12/10)
4.78 (65)
9.Matthew and Camille Ch. 11
Matt & Cam continued. by innocent_angel (09/03/10)
4.77 (158)
10.The Great Love of My Life
My Love: Falcon Delano Bianchi. by LoveBird1929 (08/17/10)
4.77 (57)
11.Wheels of Steel; A Love Story Ch. 01
A white boy with cerebral palsy and his shy black assistant. by PepperPace (08/11/10)
4.75 (149)
12.Won't Make It Easy Ch. 02
Now or never. What is it going to be? by VintageVixxxen (08/25/10)
4.68 (69)
13.Opposites Ch. 03
Sophia & Jake get intimate; Amanda hatches a plan by kandeedreames (08/26/10)
4.65 (77)
14.Won't Make It Easy Ch. 01
Romance involving a black woman and a white man. by VintageVixxxen (08/17/10)
4.63 (108)
15.A Good Neighbor is Hard to Find
A heat wave and a broken air conditioner lead to love. by feelin_randy (09/07/10)


  1. Congrats Peps! It well deserve! You're an awesome author!! :)

  2. Congrats Pep, you deserve it, your stories are awesome.

  3. Sweetness!!!! Number 9 is my story. Feel kinda awesome that I made the list with you and the others. Congrats Pep, love your stories. Think you're on my faves there, if not you will be when I get home.

  4. Congrats! 7 spots in the top 11! Shows ur a tru talent. Ur my fave writer thats for sure!

  5. Don't know if you if you paid attention to it but you're also the top 2 for the last 12 months, and you're ranked at least in the top 10 for the all time category.

  6. Congrats, rogueangel! I did check those out. Not so bad for a girl that hasn't been with Literotica for longer than a year. I hope there will be many more top placements for us both.

  7. You're welcome, Pep. I just wanted to make sure you see the hard evidence of your success.

    Hope your mom is doing better.


  8. Your holistic approach to romance has received unprecedented acclaim. I am so thankful that in a moment of insomnia I stumbled across Lit, thus into the rich, diverse world of Pep. You have set a remarkable benchmark for amateur, aspiring and accomplished authors. English words cannot begin to encompass the pride I have in your work to date. So I will leave you with a Maori whatauki (Maori proverb from NZ).

    He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He Kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero.
    What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication. It is language.

    He tino arohanui
    (With much love)

    xoxo Jen

  9. Congratulations Pep! I'm so used to seeing your name on Lit's Toplists that it didn't even occur to me that you didn't know how amazingly popular and well-loved your stories are. Your particular approach to romance has struck a chord with us readers who crave well written stories that carry substance and a profound message, not to mention incredibly erotic and sensual love scenes and scenes of intimacy. You know how much I love your work Pep, I'm glad that you now know that there are a whole host of readers from all around the world you feel the same. All the very best in future endeavours! Thank you, as always, for sharing! =) Alex.
    PS: rogue_angel: I love Matt & Cam's story!! I'm so happy tht u decided to continue wt these two! :)

  10. you're rocking that list girl ;-)

    our little guild is mostly topping the non human category.(cedar, jaz, zouzouni, sirreadsalot and a few more)

    it's always nice seeing your stories do great, well done and keep it up.

    on that not, where is ch 14? i need a WOS fix asap, had a dreadfull day yesterday and need some good reading

  11. I'm going to post the WOS update today (Saturday).

  12. YES! YES! YES! Can't wait for the Update! I'll be refreshing the blog every 10 minutes! :D

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