Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do I write erotica?

How does one write erotic scenes? 

I've helped several people with this by first having them make a list of all of the sexy, erotic words that they can think of; no matter how raunchy.  Then think of the effect that you want to have on the reader; shock, romantic, etc. And then do this...fantasize.  That's how I write erotica.  I fantasize A WHOLE LOT.  Then I search through those words and find the feeling that I want to convey.  Then I write it.

So if I want the reader to become horny then I start thinking about what made me horny.  Most times it's the same thing that will make YOU, the reader horny.   Or sometimes I just want to convey a feeling of love, desire, acceptance...which ultimately results in horniness.  LOL.  Sometimes if you are just horny then you can write erotica.

So the key to writing erotica is horniness and finding all of the 'expressive' words to convey that.  Get in touch with your horniness emotion!



  1. Hahaha! I Love it. :)

  2. Your erotic scenes always hit the mark because it gives me new fantasies to think about!

  3. Why doesn't that surprise me? I do it just the same. Once on a roll my mind tends to drift away so far ... I really have to pen down some little bits to I can go back to them for when I actually start on the story LOL

  4. You have got to make that image a button, bumper sticker, tee-shirt. I'd rock that tee-shirt for sure.

  5. Hehe
    That might be a cool t-shirt...a come stalk me T-shirt.

  6. Im embrassed to say this, but when Im writing my stories I get my erotic inspirations from my imagination of course and watching pornos. Thats a big help for me. lol

  7. what really sucks is when you are into the story and you come to the sexy part...and you aren't 'in the mood' I think that is when the pornos would be very helpful. That happened with Someone to Love. Yep, there was supposed to be a super sexy scene of Raina losing her virginity to Bill. Instead it was just a quick, romantic retrospect. But it worked for that particular story.


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