Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update on Mom's condition

Thank you for all of your well wishes for my mother.  She is getting better day by day.  Last weekend, while chasing her new puppy (???) she felt something pop in the back of her leg, then she experienced a horrible pain.  Turns out that she tore a ligament.  She not only tore this ligament but she ripped it completely from where it connects her thigh to her buttock.

The result is that she has tremendous swelling and significant blood loss and obviously LOTS of pain.  They don't give 64 year old women surgery to repair that type of pain (which incidentally would have been tremendously painful), but rehab.  It will take 6-8 weeks to heal.

I'm sure she's doing better because as we were on the phone talking this morning discussing who would be coming to her house for the weekend she announced, 'I'm not thinking about that right now, my ass hurts!  I gotta go.'  Not laughing at you Mom...laughing WITH you. Anyways, when I see her this afternoon, I'll be sure to tell her about all of the nice comments.



  1. OMG your mother is a super-trooper to be able to deal with that sort of pain. Is it a torn hamstring?? Those are nasty! Either way, I will definitely be offering a prayer to your mothers speedy recovery.

    xoxo Jen

  2. Hi Jen, was wondering how you were doing over there in NZ. I heard about the earthquake and the storm that is moving in.

    I thought it was her hamstring when we were in the hospital. But she said it was the ligament. She took pictures of it. She was taking half a pain pill but after looking at the pictures she is up to a whole one. I'm sure she will make me look at it.

    When she had hemorrhoid surgery she made me look at it for no other reason then just to 'share in the experience'. I called my sisters and informed them that I 'I had taken one for the team'. But you gotta love my Mom! LOL

  3. lol I thought my mom was the only mother that did that- the having her daughter look at her bruises and sores and what not. My mom is always calling me to her room saying "Ive got a bruise come look at it for me." But where your mom is handling the pain... my mom would in the bed right about now complaining about the pain then when I'd tell her take some pain medication she'd complain about taking the pills.I always tell her, "you already take a hand full of pills every day whats two more to relieve the pain?" And to this she always pouts and replies, "two more is two too many." lol
    That woman is something else, but like you said you just gotta love 'em.


  4. I was wondering the same thing about you in the States. We've been tracking Hurricane Earl on the net and news. Natural disasters are slamming everyone. The earthquake happened in the lower South Island, and I'm in the North Island. So we weren't affected. But the storm however is a different story. If's bringing some pretty 'frigid' weather.

    Your mum sounds a gem. It's funny how things dont hurt until you actually see it lol. The best thing about 'taking one for the team' is guilting them into buying you a coffee and muffin hint hint lol

  5. Glad to hear your mom is so hmmm vivid about it. You took one for the team, hope they remember it ;-)

  6. So glad to hear your mom is doing better Pep. She sounds like she is a spunky woman like my mom(i hope I am just like her one day). I hope you have a good weekend and God Bless!

  7. Hi Pep, glad to read that your mom is home and doing ok. I can't imagine the pain that she is in with that type of injury. I couldn't help to LOL at your moms comments. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  8. Hi pep
    Hope your mom is feeling better.
    I feel like a junkie compulsively checking this board every 15 minutes. Need relief soon.
    Longtime reader first time commentor.

  9. Hi Jay,
    Happy to see you commenting. I'm actually on the tail end of this long-assed weekend update. I'll post it in about 2 hours after I proof it.

  10. Thank you. Thank you.
    I shall now stop stalking I mean checking this board every few minutes.
    See you in 2 hours.

  11. Mothers... you gotta love 'em alright. Especially in hindsight. If I had a dollar for every time my mum wanted me to "share in her experiences," I'd be able to afford 2 shrinks. One for me & one for my dad. But I feel her pain. The worst part of being injured for me, besides the pain, was the boredom. There's only so much tv & crosswords a person can handle before they implode. I really hope your mum is doing better now.

    While reading about your mom's injury I didn't realise I was grimacing until I heard my 4yr telling his father that "mummy was making a stinkface at the computer," & then proceeded to demonstrate said 'facial' along with strange mewling sound effects punctuated with little ooohs & eeks. Oh boy! I can't WAIT to 'share my experiences' with him one day. He is so gonna love me :D

    All the best Pep
    Lasharda (Another Kiwi fan)


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