Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ho-Z is legal. Happy Birthday!

My fav photo of Ho-Z

I tried to draw it, didn't turn out that great but I spent like 45 mins on it,

Yesterday was Ho-Z's birthday and he is 21.  Man, he does alot for a 21 year old; working on his bachelors, marketing his own design company, creating music...and helping to co-write Wheels of Steel.  I told him now he can go out and buy himself a beer (knowing that he doesn't drink.  Like Jason, alcohol would interact badly with is functions), and he said that in Norway you can buy beer at 18, but at 21 now he can go out and get some real liquor.  He told me that his Mom offered to drive him to the liquor store so that he could buy himself some 'real' liquor and I about rolled on the floor.  That sounds like something I'd do on my son's 21st birthday...except that kid probably has a fake ID and has been doing that already.

Well Ho-Z and I got into a big discussion about his logo.  You've seen it if you go to his site, it is the upside down wheelchair, and then the words Ho-Z designs.  I told him that I wanted to buy the t-shirt when he had it available and he informed me that he wasn't sure about having a t-shirt with such a huge logo.  I'm like...what???  Um...isn't the purpose of the t-shirt to promote your design company, and isn't the logo cool looking...and why???

He brought up a good point.  Some people who are design artists think that t-shirts with huge logos are overdone.  Also, if people wore Ho-Z's t-shirts would they be wearing it for the purpose of promoting the design company, or because the upside-down wheelchair is cool looking.  My answer is both.  But alas, there has been some discussion on his team about not using that huge logo, and perhaps a slogan such as; are you a fan or part of the fam?

So I told him that I would pose the question here.  Huge Logo, or Slogan?  T-shirt as a work of art or as a marketing tool?

Now to my next question.  How tired of WOS are you?  I'm down to the last 1/4 of the story...which still means that there is pretty much more to write.  Ho-Z is concerned that people are getting tired of it, or may get tired of it should it go on much longer.  Feedback is a great thing.  Tell me what you think.


  1. I say both! Sometimes I like to make a big impression, other timess a subtle point. Though, too not have the the wheelchair logo huge, the whole idea may be lost on some.

    Ho-Z does NOT speak for the masses! I am not tired of WOS I still love it, and I'm checking hourly for updates! I want to know how their life continues together, I could read this until they are old and grey, like Days of Our Lives or something. KEEP IT GOING :) :) :)

  2. Uh hmmmm...*I say as I take notes.* I see. Thanks Teach06. Appreciate it!

  3. I am NOOOT tired of WOS at all!! Lol, tell Ho-Z to hush..with his cute self, haha. ^_^ As for the t-shirt I get both sides but I like the huge logo because yeah, it does look cool.

  4. i tweeted him a happy birthday late last night, was already past midnight for us!(seems he was swamped on FB too)
    as for WOS, I think we can safely state none of us are tired of it and reading you only wrote 1/4 so far, I'm happy to see we'll still get our fix for a long long time!
    if you feel the story gets too long, you can always split it up and make separate stories about the others and then intertwine them.
    logo's, i actually like how it is, earlier in the week he had on the white tee and the logo in black, but looking at this one, i prefer the black(probably because i like dark clothes lol)

  5. I think as far as the t-shirt i think he should do it with the picture on the front with the sloagan underneath it. I think it would look right together. Now as far as WOS i will never get tired of it

  6. Yay Ho-Z is 21!

    On to the shirt. I like both the logo and slogan. Possibly with the logo on the front and the slogan on the back. I'd buy that. And I'm crazy enough to go around pointing at my shirt saying, "Hey check out this's awesome!"

    As for WOS!!! I would read it if it went on forever. As I said last chapter, it's like a soap opera. And lots of people watch those everyday, right? Right! So...with that said, next chapter please. And finish whenever you feel it's right for you.

    If it doesn't end soon that's just icing on the cake for me.

  7. Happy Birthday Ho - Z, Enjoy your special day.

    What tired of WOS? Are you kidding me...HELL NO!!! I love this story. BTW when will the next ipdate be posted. This story is so original and it is brillant. Not tired of these characters at all. I feel like they have become people that I know and that I am constantly encouraging them to continue to grow. SO NO, I am not tired of this story at all. Thanks for asking the question.

  8. I really like the idea of the logo and the slogan on the t-shirt. The logo will get the attention and the slogan provides the meaning or focus.

    As far as WOS is concerned, more please. I agree it is like a soap opera and I am just as addicted to it as I was General Hospital in the Luke and Laura days. I know I have it really bad. I check this site twice a day every day for WOS updates. Keep up the good work guys and a really hope I get an update on Sunday.

    I love this site. I don't have a google account, so I was hestiant to post a comment, but I just had to make my voice my opinion on this subject. I have read all of the stories you have posted on this site and each one touches me in a different way. Thank you.

  9. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the next part. I'm definitely not tired of it. I also like the shirt I would buy it. I know I'm just one person but I say keep it going this is one of the best stories I've ever read

  10. Damn he's fine. If that's how it is in Norway I'm moving. Oh yeah love the story. Hope you turn into a book so I can curl up in bed and read it and buy it for friends and family so we can sit around and rave about it. You are so talented I love your stories they change me for the better. I notice all the "invisible" people, even though sometimes I feel like one, and am less judgmental I more concerned about getting to know the person than their current situation.

  11. Ho-Z is cute! I'm trying to save him for my daughter 'cuz he would be a great son-in-law. Haha. I asked Ho-Z for a song for the update after this one, told him not to rush cuz I know he's busy. I went to the store, came back and VIOLA! He'd already sent it to me and it was AWESOME! Can't wait to share it with you all. It's a good one.

  12. Happy Birthday Ho-Z! Libra Rocks lol!
    I like the shirt I would totally rock it. Yes the design is cool looking but anyone that is wearing it is going to know where they got it so I would say that its a good convo starter.
    WOS I would say I could read it forever but the anxiety that I had at the beginning of the storry is not there as much. Don't get me wrong I still faithfully read it, but I don't insanely check and recheck everyday. As a lover of the Young and the Restless *blush I agree w othe commenters that I could read this forever. If you do decide to cut it short please don't rush it there is nothing worse then a rushed ending. I'm so glad your feeling better from your bad day. Lol when I read about what happened to you puter all I kept thinking was thank goodness you could fix it or some crazy fan would track down your nephew and he would never be seen again. Cheers!

  13. Happy Bithday Ho-Z!! I agree with anonymous he is FINE. Is he single? Lol just joking. I <3 WOS, I'm nowhere near tired of it. You can go all the way up to Chpt. 30. I just hope Robin isn't pregnant, hopefully her period is late b'cause she's stressed out or something. Sorry about you Dog.
    #1 Fan in South Africa

  14. Happy birthday, Ho-Z.


  15. Please don't stop writing I've become so obsessed my kids keep saying mommy get off your phone haha I'm so addicted to them and their lives. Please don't stop and I can't wait for the update hopefully tonight haha

  16. Can I first say, double damn!! Dude Ho-z call mee!!! Jesus H Christ!!! Okay okay let me get my horomones under control.
    The t-shirt thing depends on what you want to happen. People will see the logo, think its cool and check out the website. Or people will think its a cool t-shirt. I think its a win win because even if its just a "cool" shirt that someone is wearing, the word will get out. Advertising in a tshirt form I think is a good mobile way of doing things. Take for instance Sean John. People wear his stuff all the time and his product sales go up same goes for Jordans (Michael Jordan). Now are you sure enough of your work? Are you ready for people to buy your things? Also you could make the wheelchair smaller and Ho-Z Designs bigger, and let people chose.
    WOS I love the story! Pep you can make it go on forever but then it would be burn out. Dont get me wrong I check every Wed and Sun, but then Im kinda wondering when will it end. The way I see it going,and i could be wrong because you are sooo way more talented than me, is that Rob is or isn't preggo, Jason's dad comes back in the picture to reconcile with his son and he sees that he is not a "retard" and tries to make ammends, Jason goes one the drugs to make him walk and it does/doesn't work and Robin releases what ever is causing her troubles. Did that sound harsh? It was not meant to be and I am not saying that your stories are predictable,because they are totally anything but.
    Am i making any sense at all? Okay Okay.....
    Happy Birthday Ho-z, enjoy your day and your twenties. Ahhhh to be 21 again, i would do so much over so much.

  17. Good points Kali. The story is actually 3/4 of the way complete. There is actually no possible way for anyone to figure out how it ends because I haven't even gotten to the part that will create the, if that makes sense!


  18. Pep, it makes perfect sense. I actually write my stories backwards sometimes. I don't know how but it just happens. So try to figure that one out. lol.

  19. Nope, not tired of WOS at all. If I were greedy, I'd say, "More more more." But I'll just say, "More...whenever you can." :)


  20. Okay he is a major hottie for sure.

  21. Ho-Z is fine!!! Just had to get that out.

  22. Tired of WOS, never!!! More please an update every day wouldn't be to much, I'm addicted to this story.

  23. Wow...Ho-Z is such a cutie! Happy Birthday!

    I would buy the shirt and I think if this story gives even a small glimpse into what he experiences and is going through in life...then I would buy it because I believe in him and the company. I also agree with some of the other comments as far as the slogan being on the back with the upside down wheel chair on the front.

    I am in no way tired of this story...I know how often you update but I check back everyday. It literally makes me smile every time I seen an update. I cant wait to hear about these two. Seriously...keep on keeping yourself sane by keeping us entertained. :-)

  24. Pep!!! I love the TShirt design for personal reasons, my son has a disability and I would love one of those shirts for both of us. Lg or small design, I think it's cool as hell. Second, WOS could go on until Robin has grandkids. This story is the high light of my hellish week. You rock!!!! Please drag this story out as long as you can and keep it interesting. This I know you can do in your sleep!! (LOL)

    BTW: Ho-Z is cute and legal?


  25. Its kind of funny that you ask if anyone was tired of WOS. I was just thinking about how I wish you'd get to the point of things... I have to admit that I am not stalking the site like I use to. So I have to say yes. Sometimes I feel like the story is being dragged out with too many details that I am not sure will tie up at the end and examples of character behavior (ex: you proved the point that Robins mom is ignorant at the hospital I think that the church scene was a little over board) . I also stated once before that I thought Robin needed to get it together a little faster then what she is…..
    IDK this is your story pep I will always be a fan regardless if I like the story line or not.

    Happy bday Ho-Z you are very pleasant to the eye. I’m not old enough to be a cougar but I can do like Beyonce and buy you a short set.

  26. Feliz Cumple Ho-Z!

    I love rockin shirts with great meanings/slash messages. So for me I think either one (slogan or logo) is a great thing.

    Hush yo mouth Ho-Z...I could read WOS forever...I don't have enough time like I do because my international language test is coming up soon, so I've been studying mi culo off.

    I'm going to be extremely sad once this story ends, it has not only entertained me but also taught so much about others and especially myself.

    I would love to see it continue with the different stages of their lives. You and Ho-Z have hit gold with this one.

    Can't wait for the next I'm off to fake pretend to study for Spanish and actually watch Merlin.

    Un Besito de Argentina,

  27. Ho-Z is beautiful. Please do not stop WOS. I am not an instant gratification type. I enjoy the details and time you put into this story. I still visit your site every other day. This is the length I would expect from an ebook. So whenever you start selling ebooks from your site I'm buying.

  28. HO-Z is a real cutie pie! Good job with the drawing Pep. You're so talented! I have trouble making stick figures look like well, stick figures most of the time. :P

    Re the t-shirt, I like the designs and would buy them. Like one commenter said, maybe a slogan at the back of the t-shirt, or different designs in regards to the size of the logo, from which the customer can choose from would also be great. I think it can be used as both art and marketing. Its not mutually exclusive. Good luck with the designs Ho-Z, and if you're reading this, Happy Birthday! Welcome to the world of adulthood, it ain't all that it's cracked up to be (yes, I'm old and bitter, hehe).

    As for WOS, I do wonder sometimes where it's all going, but I've come to treat it like a soap, so it's okay if you want to write about it until whenever you decide to pull the plug. So, the answer is no, I'm not sick of it. I admit to not having this feeling of dread anymore, like I used to when the moms weren't in the picture. I feel like Robin and Jason now have what it takes to make it work and even if they don't (but please let them do!), they have both grown so much. I re-read the first few chapters recently and it's amazing to see the progress these characters have made. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one to say that I actually feel guilty for reading this and your other stories for free (though I do appreciate it). With a little editing and tweaking, you could publish your work and I would definitely buy it.

    How goes the interior designer Pep? Putting him hard to the work I hope. Hope your interiors or rather, the interiors to your house look good. Am looking forward to reading your update later. So, bring on more Robin and Jason (and of course Belinda and Peter, what is up with those two?). Hugs, Pep. Happy Birthday Ho-Z cutie.

    Thanks for sharing Pep. =) Alex.

  29. RE the t-shirt design: I like the idea of the logo on the front and the slogan on the back, and I like the t-shirt the way it is pictured. I think since he is the artist, he needs to produce what makes the most sense to him.
    RE WOS: I check your site every day for an update. I love this story and all the characters. I really hope you write Belinda and Link's and even Amberly's story when Robin and Jason have thier ending. Please please please keep writing

  30. Happy birthday to Ho-Z my fellow September dude, who is super cute! I was almost late to my own birthday because I was checking your blog!! I love the t-shirt. Logo to the front and slogan to the back would be pretty sweet. Not tired of this story at all! Not even nearly. How can anyone get tired of Jason?! You keep writing and I'll keep reading. xBilly

  31. 1. About WOS....would never get tired of the story. It is so fresh and new I could read it over and over and never get tired of it. Keep on writing.

    2. In regards of the T-Shirt why not do both. I must say that the logo is quite large. I would do something like the logo on the front pocket or or on the left side of the front of the t-shirt And the words on the back.

    You two make a really good team.

  32. How *could* anyone get tired of WoS? It's awesome!!!!! Love Jason so much! I want one ~_^

    On the T-shirt, I love the logo.

  33. Also! Happy birthday, Ho-Z!!!!!! :) (And like all the ladies have said, wow, you're yummy)

  34. Happy Belated Birthday Ho-Z.

    On the shirt, both would be great. On the story, I'd like to see the whole life cycle of these characters but I could see skipping their middle-age yrs (haha). But more importantly how the other characters lives end up and/or progress down which path. Do some of these folks see the light at the end of the tunnel? I stopped watching soap operas after High School because no one every could just go boldly into the night and be happy and content knowing life is not going to be perfect but ok. So could I follow it for yrs.........not so sure. And you have a talent that I'm sure a few new plots/characters/adventures/romances are to come in your future. Sequels/connecting stories..hmmmm...perhaps but do your thing. We'll be here.

  35. glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Ho-Z is very attractive aka hottie lol. i think everyone pretty much said what I was thinking about the logo.
    And HECK NO i dont want WOS to end i LOVE it, end soon that is, there is no way I could get sick of it.

  36. Thanks , I got what I need + more,

    damn do I have game with the laidies ? lol ok I take that as a confidence boost


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