Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feeling better

I do feel better and so does my daughter.  I appreciate the kind words because it really helped; truly it did.  Thanks Sarena for the story about Sheba. I cried when I read that which helped me to stop holding in my emotions.  And my friend sent me my 'hello beautiful' email, which put a smile on my face. Thanks to Violette D. for doing a review of WOS on her blog; The Musings of Violette D  (link included).  Also I've been checking out the items on the Self Promotion Blog.  If you haven't checked them out, please do; excellent things going on there.  Someone said that they have nothing to self-promote because they don't write, but you can give us all some feedback on the things you find there.  I'd love to see that! Oh, and apologies to Roger for blowing off our writing date, and thanks for understanding and sending me the emails. 

And in case you are wondering, no my houseguest has not mentioned the computer.  Ah, but I'm over it.  Stuff blows over with me--especially since my lappie works...and btw, thinking about naming it.  I liked what one person said about naming her laptop Pinky. 

I will be working my houseguest to the bone this weekend.  He will be rebuilding a ceiling in the master bedroom.  He is a very good interior designer and has been doing alot of my home improvements while staying with me.  This is his last weekend with me so I'll be sure to work his little tail off good!

Which is the reason that I'm not sure what will happen with the weekend update that I usually post Sunday.  I have some written but depending on how much help I will need to be, there won't be enough for a full update.  So I'll let you guys know early Sunday what to expect.  I certainly don't want you checking repeatedly if I know nothings coming.  Also, I just want you all to know that it's not that I'm forcing myself to do the updates and that I need to take a break from it...writing IS how I take a break.  I NEED to write in order to get away from my stresses. 

With that said, thank god, writing is my drug of choice! 


  1. Heya Pep. I'm glad that you and your daughter are feeling better. Take the time you need to finish your work (and to work your houseguest). I'd love to know what you call your laptop, my baby is affectionately known as 'The Monster' because it's a 17 inch. :) Am so very happy for your success Pep. Your writing and creativity has touched so many of us. You deserve all the positive reviews. As always, thank you for sharing and allowing us a glimpse into the author's life. =) Alex.

  2. Glad things are working out. He's only doing the ceiling? I'd work him harder if I were you ;-)
    Naming a computer, I read the Pinky one too and I smiled. My computer would be called "that piece of crap" LOL, both the husband and me have the same set up(both have a heavy gaming computer, cause well we love games as well, obviously, so need a system that can handle something)
    The odd thing about my piece of crap is that even when I don't do anything with it(installing something new, deleting something else or anything alike)and I always ask him to do anything on it, it manages to go kaput every single time... and I get blamed for it LOL

  3. I just wanted to write I’ve only stopped checking this page incessantly because I’ve subscribed to it via google reader and so I see when you have updates. AND I’m not sick of the story – and doubt I’d ever be. I am really interested in seeing what happens to these characters!

    Pep thanks, this story is my favorite thing to fire up my laptop to read – and I’ll be ecstatic when I can purchase your work.


  4. Pepperpace, I am glad to read that you and your daughter are doing better. Take care.

  5. Glad you and your daughter are feeling better, beautiful. Have a good weekend.


  6. btw pepper, did you check the result on the annual voting thingie on Lit :
    you came in first with Urban vampire :) in the other category, you got second place with the next chapter. well done girl!

  7. Glad you're in a better place. I also thank God for your drug of choice!!


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