Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impromptu Poll Results

Ho-Z and I were very surprised at the quickness of the responses received from the two questions I asked; Ho-Z's logo being too large for his t-shirts, WOS getting tiresome.  Based on the feedback, my dear entrepreneur friend intends to get started on the production of the T-Shirts incorporating both logo and slogan.

Overwhelmingly the responses were that WOS could go on and on like a soap opera until these people are geriatric patients, however, some concerns that the story's eventual ending seems elusive.  Even if the story goes on and on there may still be a need to hmmmm...get to the point.  LOL.  Also there might be too much detail for some.  But many people are cool with reading it as I've written it...plodding along, revealing little tidbits about what might come to pass.

So here are the facts about the upcoming posts of WOS; no spoilers included.  It will end within the next two or three weeks.  The ending will not be rushed.  Trust your writer; I will not give you a horrible ending (even though at times it may seem that way), but we've all invested too much time and too much heart to these characters.  And as I promised earlier, regular updates will continue for WOS even after the story itself ends.

Ok, to change subjects.  Ho-Z's photo.  We mostly talk on SKYPE, helpful since I live in Ohio and he lives in Norway.  He ALWAYS turns on the camera so I can guarantee you that he is cuter then that picture--has a killer smile and killer eyes.  But when we talked about the comments on how CUUUUUUTE he was, Ho-Z did not even turn on the camera.  I think he didn't get on camera because his face was beet red!!!  He kept saying, 'I don't know what to say about those comments.'

It was so funny, so of course I had to poke fun at him.  I told him to get his butt on the blog and thank people for calling him cute (he he), to which he said with great embarrassment; You write something, I don't know what to say, you'll say it better than me.  I said...'okay then...'  So here is my interpretation of Ho-Z's thank you for commenting on his looks:

"This is Ho-Z.  Thank you for the feedback about the t-shirts and especially about how cute I am.  I am pretty shy when it comes to compliments.  Pep really should not have mentioned that stuff about my smile being killer and having gorgeous eyes...without of course mentioning that I have the longest eyelashes that any man should ever have.  I'm currently single but I enjoy the company of older, aggressive, black women.  Though I've never been tied up in bondage, I often times fantasize about that, however due to the sensitivity of my skin I will have to forgo the whips.  Thank you."

 Me looking sexy for the ladies...

There you go Ho-Z.  *Smiles*


Wow I'm a dangerous person when it's 5 am and I'm suffering from insomnia...LOL, in all honesty Ho-Z just told me to write whatever I wanted in thanks. He is working on a a huge project at school that will keep him super busy this week. I did, however, get a chance to ask him if he disliked the compliments since he kept saying; "I don't know what to say."  His response was, 'Hell no.  Who would dislike compliments from ladies?!'  Haha. 


  1. aaaw, doesn't that make him even more cute? and damn yes you're evil when insomnia is having a strong hold over you LOL
    we talked a bit yesterday (logo stuff too) but the looks popped up as well. my reply was : if i were 13 year younger and not married...(then there was silence *grins*) it's the eyes i tell you.
    i'm glad he's moving forward with the logo/slogan shirts and he should do it the way he wants, he has to be happy about them.

  2. I started to make a comment sunday on how cute he is, but changed my mind. He so hot!!!!(fanning myself) & his shyness comes thru big time. I love WOS!!! Pep you're the bomb & I'm so in love with this story. I think stories that show real people are so much more erotic than the cookie cutter perfect type. In my experience the guys I've dated that had some of the same limitations have been so much more intense. WOS is so realistic. You guys rock!!!

  3. As anonymous above, I too was going to comment on Ho-z's "cuteness" but simply forgot. Hah. Here goes ... wow, very pleasing to the eye, and the shyness factor just adds to his appeal. :) On to WOS - I have to thank the wonderful ladies of TST for recommending your stories, and in particular this one. Once I started, I could not stop and have since stalked your page for updates. haha. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible writing! ~Sophie~

  4. I wanted to say how cute he is but me and my boyfriend read your blog together and we usually do our reponse together so i had to leave that out. But he is a cutie i think its his eyes they draw a person in(can say it now bf not here).
    I found out about your blog from a comment left on a WOS story on Literotica since then I come to this blog like an addict.I even used to talk about your work at work during my lunch break.It started to get so good to them they wanted to know where i was reading it, i gladly told them. Now since all of us now read WOS we rush to talk about it every time another part is posted. Im kinda sad that WOS is ending but hey all good things have to end at some point. But i already know that you Pep will make it a great ending and the updates are going to be the little fix of WOS that i need.

  5. Hi Pep.
    My name is Ashley. I am 24 years old..a mother of two beautiful children, I live in Atlanta. I have a 3 year old boy and 9 month old girl. I do work 2 jobs..and will continue to work..however I'm making enough money to cover my bills like so many Americans. Recently I was the victim of domestic violence..I sent my boyfriend to jail. Yes he deserves jail..but my children are suffering without his income. I am a faithful reader and supporter of your blog..and will continue to be one.I have called every church..every organization in the past couple of days to no avail. I just need donations..diapers. .clothes...anything will help. I have been trying desperately to get hold of NewBirth Baptist church to no avail. I'm sending a picture of my children and I to show we are real people. Continue to inspire women and spread awareness! Much love.

    Ashley Denay

  6. Ha! Love the interpretation...As soon as those shirts come out I'll be the first one to grab one. Maybe I should head over to Norway and tie him up...does he sound like Toki from Metalocolypse? Totally joking...maybe not about the heading over to Norway part though...

  7. Hi Ashley, it makes me so sad to hear your story. When I was a little older than you, my children's father and I separated and I moved us into our own place. He stopped providing child support until the court order went into effect; which meant 3 mos with only the money that my job paid. I also had two little ones, daycare, apartment, utilities and a car payment...and absolutely not enough money to cover all of that.

    At dinner I would buy three pieces of meat. Sometimes it was pork chops, sometimes chicken. I'd make rice or potatos and then a can of vegetables. I'd sit at the table and watch my kids eat and every single day my 6 year old son would ask for seconds. And every single day I'd say, 'sure baby.' And I'd give him the third piece of meat that I would leave on the serving plate. And once they were done eating I'd send them off to play and I'd eat their leftovers.

    That December I was more than 30 days late with my rent and got evicted. I had no money, I was about to be homeless and I cried because I felt like a failure as a mother that I couldn't give my kids a Christmas like other parent's could.

    My best friend stepped in and bought all of the presents for my kids--with no fanfare, no nothing. She just did it. I was so grateful because although the meaning of Christmas has been convoluted in the gift giving--and we as adults know that...my six and four year old didn't. The simple gesture meant the world to them and to me.

    I was able to go to the charities foundation at work who gave me a helping hand and then the child support kicked in. It was still a struggle. But I could not have done it without their help.

    My prayers and heart go out to you Ashley. It will get better and you will be stronger because of this. This I know from personal experience. You keep on reading and I promise to keep giving you an escape through words.

    Pepper Pace

  8. OMG!!! I almost died laughing Pep. I was dying for a response from Ho-Z, I know he is shy (I have talked to him on Yahoo) I like your interpritation of his response, you kill me Chica! Hope you get some sleep soon.

  9. I'm still laughing, that was so funny. You keep me laughing. He is a cutie and if he were here in Florida I'd try to make a play for him.

  10. Pep, I was LOL at the comments. Ho-Z, you shy devil you. Thanks for the sexy picture. I am so glad to read that although WOS will be ending soon that you will still write updates.

  11. Thank u Pep! I appreciate your kind words! We will make it thru this! Lots of love! Ashley

  12. Really Ho-Z?! When ever you are in Los Angeles or I to Norway, can a sista run her hands through your hair? Im Just Saying.

    Ashley I know you were addressing pep, but I will be praying for you. I am happy you are no longer in that situation and that your children won't have to see it anymore. I pray God blesses you with strength opens up a blessing for you and your family that no man can close.

  13. Ho-Z is a cuuutttiiieee! One question do... I might sound like a complete ass but I might as well ask. Is Ho-Z in a wheelchair?

  14. Rotflmao!!! That was SO evil of you, but so awesome!!!

    That's alright, Ho-Z. There's plenty of fun to be had that doesn't involve whips. ~_~

  15. HI Pepper-
    Great post! Love the pic of Ho-Z! I hope he finds someone to fulfill his fantasies (grin).

    Ashley- LIke other readers have said, I know the comment was directed at Pepper, but I wanted to offer ideas. Check out your local Catholic Charities, in my home town they will sometimes help with bills. The Mormon church may also help with food for you and your family. I don't think you have to be a member. I also looked online and found resources that may be useful in your area. I am not from your city so I can't vouch for any of these sites:
    I am praying for you and your babies.

  16. He is cute. He also looks like someone, damn if I can put my finger on it, though.

    Happy belated b-day, Ho-Z. Mine was the 20th, I turned twenty-*#$(yep, did that on purpose). Anyway, hope it was a good one. Mine ended in a hangover at work so, yeah, it was pretty damn good.

  17. hahaha just joke around
    ok so we have to talk for real here

    Thank you, all good !

    " older, aggressive, black women. Though I've never been tied up in bondage, I often times fantasize about that"
    I did not say that.... good thing it was from a friend, not serious hehe

  18. Awww Ho-Z Don't ruin our fun! I want to invision you tied up looking up at me with those amazing eyes as I... wait I can't share that, its a little personal lol. Happy late B-day!

  19. Pep, you are so evil! Ho-Z, do you mean you HAVE been tied up before? Haha. Also, do your bondange fantasies include other women of colour? Just checking...and yes, like many others have said if I only I was __ years younger eh? Hope you had a good bday and gd luck wt the t-shirts!

    Pep, I'm pretty bummed to hear that WOS will be ending in a few wks. Don't get me wrong though, am happy that we're coming to a conclusion and I always trust you to do the right thing by your characters and readers, but am wondering what I will to do occupy the time that was spent checking your page countless times. :P Knowing you, you'll have us all enthralled with another amazing story pretty soon.

    Hugs Pep, hope you and your family have a good week. Thank you for sharing about your past to us. You truly are an amazing woman with boundless strength and limitless creativity.

    Ashley, you and your family are in my thoughts. I hope things get better for you soon.

    =) Alex

  20. Ashley your family is also in my prayers..my mom went through a similar situation when I was younger and I was old enough to understand what was going on. One thing I do know that women are resilient when it comes to their children especially black women you'll make a way.

    My cousin has cerebral palsy, and I'll tell you I love him to death...and the best thing is riding around on his lap! I feel like I'm flying sometimes that thing can get up and go.

    I guess what I'm saying is with your permission of course Ho-Z WHEN I come to visit Norway can I take a spin and see if it can get up and go! (Chiste esp for jk) Bwahahah...damn I'm bad. It's so wrong to be this way at 23!

  21. Wow i go on vacation and i miss a lot first pep love your stories. Second we finally get a peek at Mr. Ho-z i gotta say Mr I dont think you are a cutie at all I think you are a HOTTIE!!!! Happy late Bday..

  22. Ok good to know I am not the only one who got lost in his eyes. Sleepy bedroom eyes- my favorite. Ho-z is a total cutie.
    Too bad I am not older since he seems to be into older women:) (we're same age). Poor me. Lol jay

  23. LOL! That was funny. :) Poor Ho-z

  24. Ho-z if you ever need a tour guide of Southern California dont hesitate to look me up :)

  25. So are we gettinnew chapter of WOS tonight??? Pretty please with TONS of strawberries on top! :D

  26. poor ho-z. lol. so many ladies so little time. haha. (does he actually read the comments on your blog pep?) i am 19 but just imagining his face when he reads these comments just makes me giggle like a 5 year old. lol

  27. Yes, he reads them, and gets all blushy

  28. You are one seriously cute dude! Yes, Ho-Z, you certainly are. Pep, you are a trip. Lmao @ your interpretation of his response to the cuteness compliments.

  29. Oh my. Ho-Z you are something else... I suddenly feel like taking a trip to Norway.

    Ashley I'm praying for you. I'm recently seperated and the stress is no joke. I will definately keep you lifted up in pray. What I can't do for you God can.


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