Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that my Mom will be having surgery tomorrow. At the age of 67 she is pretty healthy but unfortunately has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

My life has been completely on hold and while I will not offer any explanations or excuses for why I've missed some writing deadlines--I'm sure you can piece it together. I know that you here on my blog do not require apologies for the interruptions of 'life'. In actuality, it is always you that remind me how much 'life happens'.

I think you guys for your patience and for coming back here to check in on me. Thank you for not writing that you don't like me anymore because I make people wait too long for stories. Thank you for realizing that sometimes there are very good reasons for everything.

Now I know that I am not the only one facing sacrifices right now and my heart goes out to anyone who is suffering loss or trying to get through some bad life situations. Believe me, my prayers are with you. Please add to your prayers my Uncle RJ who passed away last night and his immediate family who are not taking the news well at all. My friend E whose mom has been given 1week to live, Sheila whose Mom has just been placed in hospice, S who has just lost a family member last week many more that I know who are facing loss.



  1. I'm so sorry to her about your mom having cancer and your uncle passing away, I pray that the good LORD heals her body and that the doctor and nurses who will be tending to her health will be well rested and focus at the task at hand. I know all things are possible through Christ I have a testimony to that. GOD Bless you and take care.

    1. Thank you Travonda. My Mom has always been a woman of faith and because of that I told her that whatever she prays for in her heart of hearts will be done. In her heart of hearts she is choosing life and not grief. Things have not been good for her at all since the death of my father. More and more often she had wished to give up and let it all go but now in the face of a painful death her eyes are opened wide. She wants her life again and for that I am pleased even if I am afraid.

  2. My prayers are with you and your family.
    Know that your true fans will always support you and give you the space you need to handle your family matters. As your books/words have brought me comfort during time that I just couldn't see my way out. I hope the love from your fans, will let you know that we support you.

    With Love Monica

  3. Your mom is in my prayers and the others that you mentioned are as well.


  4. Hello Pepper,
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. Please take care of yourself also. Sincerely Bain


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