Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sorry that I've been away for so long but I'm back

I have been busy over the last few months. I've redone some covers for old and new stories, I've written a short story, I'm in the process of working on another short story with a projected release date of December 3rd. I've published a little kid's book for my nephew Author Brandon Hughes (who is seven), I've taught myself how to use Scrivener and the LiveScribe ink pen and I have had an awesome Writer's Retreat with my sister-friends.

I have a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to writing. Sales for my newest release True's Love have been very good and at the time of this printing it is currently ranked #10 on the Amazon charts for short Kindle Romance. 

Beast has a new cover! Sales have increased with the updated Beast image. My Beta readers and friends are all in agreement that this rendition is very sexy--with the exception of Cloggerman who mentioned that lack of boobs with the loss of Ashleigh.

I've also had a cover and title reveal for my WIP that will be included in a Christmas anthology. I can't tell you much more about the project but I can tell you about the story I wrote. 


I Am A Storm is the story of Kara, a tattoed, pierced, bike riding orphan who has just lost her adopted mother and father. She is now on her way to a small southern town to search for her birth parents. Steeped in southern tradition Kara stands out among the God-fearing, traditional occupants. But one man doesn't seem to mind, seems to even prefer Kara's city-ways. Noah Drinkwater knows everyone and intends to help Kara in her search, not just for family but maybe even for a place that she can call her home.

This story will appear in a boxset with a tentative release date of December 3, 2016. No other information is available including the other authors involved.

A Wrong Turn Towards Love has had the cover updated also. I wanted to connect it to one of my favorite places; Estill County where Lt. Christopher Jameson was born and where True's Love takes place. 
Last week while working on covers I decided to update the cover for About Coco's Room. This is available on only and is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


Now here is some very cute information. A few months ago while at my daughter's graduation my nephew saw the book that I'd written for her called The Purple World. 

He told me that he wanted to write a book and I encouraged him to do so. He is a very smart individual. A few weeks later when I saw him at his sister's graduation he had created a book taped together with adorable cut-outs. It was called The Minecraft Adventure. I told him that I was going to publish it, and I did!  

Well that is about it for now--it's probably more than enough. If you haven't joined my newsletter please do in order to stay updated with new information. The sign up sheet is in the sidebar. I will talk to you soon!


  1. Adaptation book 2! Please say it is coming soon!!��

  2. Will there be a purple world 2 and 3 or did I miss it somewher

  3. I just finished Beast for the 3rd time, its one of my favorite books you have written; is there going to be another book ashliegh's and Christopher's family. Their children in particular?


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