Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Witch's Demon Now Available Exclusively on Amazon!

I'm so happy to finally present the story that I have been working on for so long. The Witch's Demon book 1 is now available on Amazon exclusively. It is included in the Kindle Unlimited program which means that at least for the next 90 days it won't be available anywhere but Amazon. Whether or not you are a member of KU and whether or not you have a Kindle, you can still enjoy this book. For those that don't know you can download a free reading app that allows you to read Kindle books on your smart phone or computer. Now, please enjoy a new excerpt.

It was Ona who brought her an understanding of what had really happened to Summer’s real mother. When Summer was twelve and Ona ten years old, the younger girl had whispered the things that no one had ever dare say aloud.
“Your mother is the plaything of a demon.”
“My mother?” Summer said, nearly forgetting that the two weren’t the same flesh and blood.
“Your white mother—the one who disappeared.”
Summer had looked at Ona with wide eyes. It was not exactly forbidden to speak about Summer’s mother, but such discussions were frowned upon by the family’s matriarch.
Ona continued, her dark eyes serious. “I heard them talking.” Them meant many different things depending on the context—But Summer knew that in this context ‘them’ meant the ladies of the circle; the witches group that they belonged to.
“They didn’t know I was home,” Ona continued. “I was supposed to be outside collecting herbs but I got thirsty. Miss Genevieve said that your mama got her goose cooked, dabbling in things she shouldn’t. And then mama said that no one deserved to be the plaything of a demon…”
Summer frowned images in her head of the many stray cats they sometime took care of that toyed with the captured mice or birds before killing and devouring them.
“Do you think my mother is still alive?”
Ona looked stricken. “Mama thinks so. But if she comes back will that mean you won’t be my sister anymore?”
“I don’t know,” Summer had answered honestly, tossing back one thick black braid. “Can we be sisters even if we don’t live together?”
Ona shrugged but then another thought struck her, “What if your mother is living in hell?”
Summer had never thought about that. An uneasy fear began to crawl over her skin.
“What if the demon comes back and makes you live with him and your mother?” Ona said--her small brown hands clutched in her lap.
Summer shook her head. “Mama won’t let that happen.”
Ona sighed and the tension began to recede from her small body. “You’re right. The circle won’t let anyone take you. But if mama hadn’t come to your house that day, maybe the demon would have come back for you.”

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