Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BEAST (removed for publishing)

Beast has been removed for publishing.


  1. Just read it and commented! E-book pretty please?

  2. Haha, Patrice...if I do that then I'll have to remove it from the free sites. Not sure if I'm ready to do that. But yeah, it would be a darn good addition to my e-book library

  3. Pep did you update the story. I missed the part about Chris' confrontation with his guys. It is early in the morning I could have skipped over that part. Lol

    1. No I just took it straight from Literotica. I was afraid to use the version on my computer in case it was slightly different. Now if memory serves me right, I had made some edits after it was posted but...eh, my old brain ain't what it used to be so I don't remember.

  4. This was my introduction to your writing. It still remains my FAV of yours probably because Chris is a military man....and I am a PROUD, US Air Force wife of 23 years. I'm a FAN for life! =)

  5. Thank you! If you keep reading, I'll keep writing!

  6. Beast <3
    He was the best *sigh*
    Loved that book :)


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