Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bilal; how do I love you? Let me count the ways...

I have a HUGE crush on the singer Bilal. And so in the spirit of that--and even though I'm not in the sixth grade (smile) I decided to list all of the reasons why! 


I love Bilal because he can SANG. I love uh...his singing voice. I love Bilal's song; I Love it! I love Bilal's...uh...did I already say singing voice?


Here is his song; I love it. No, that's the name of the song; I love it. But I do love it. Check out the sexy freckles on his nose. And you can't see his hazel eyes because of his sunglasses but he has some damn sexy eyes. Also, in this video he has this sexy-ass crackhead dance that he does. It's like a drug induced shimmy...which it actually might be that. Anyways, Bilal's intensity just draws me, it makes my mouth open and my tongue hang out. If some guy sang a song to me like this--getting all in my face, kissing me with his lyrics...well I would just (CENSOR). I'm blushing now. But I really would do it, and I'm not kidding!

Okay...Maybe I don't really have a crush on Bilal. But he is very cool and I love so much about this talented man. I love the lyrics of his songs. He made a song called SOMETIMES. Man, that song shocked me. 

Sometimes, hey Slim, you should be nicer than you are Sometimes, 
you take that complaining shit way too far I mean, 
I thought it was cute in the beginning but now 
I think you only do it 'cuz you know I hate it
you got me wishing I didn't have home training  
then it wouldn't hurt me so bad With dreams of knocking you in your head  
Then it wouldn't hurt me so bad,
with our kitchen knife put up your ass...

Bilal and I are so much alike!!! I remember thinking the same thing right before hitting my ex in the head with a vase!  

Listen to some of his music. He is so talented. Okay...maybe a teeny crush. 

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