Monday, July 30, 2012

ADAPTATION; a new Pepper Pace story. Chapter 1

Carmella believes that she is the last human left on earth. She hasn’t seen anyone in years; not since the Aliens that she calls blobs took the last humans away. The loneliness is held at bay by pieces of memories and the wolf that she befriended. She knows that she is slowly losing her mind, but maybe even that isn’t so horrible. Madness would at least break up the monotony. There is one constant; and that is the hatred she feels for the blobs that brought on the end of the world.

Bilal is not the typical Centaurian. He was born on the mothership and has never had a world of his own. Earth is the nearest thing to a home world that he’s ever known. He is caught between two worlds; two totally unlike worlds where he was raised with human friends but still within the strict Centaurian culture. Despite the fact that his people are only trying to fix the horrible wrong that happened against mankind, the earthlings still shun him because he is an alien. His origins are less than humanoid and he knows what they call ones like him; blobs. Even he thinks he’s ugly. He wants to be human and to feel as if he at least belongs somewhere.

So he spends as much time as he can roaming the now vacant earth to get a feel for the life that he was never allowed to live. And then his path crosses with that of Carmella who does everything in her power to kill him. One hates with an intensity born of past lost, the other wishes to just be accepted and to belong. In order to make this work, Bilal decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. But if he does, will Carmella accept this Alien into her life?

For those of you that follow the work of Octavia Butler, you will find this theme quite familiar within her books entitled Xenogenisis. In fact, this story is an homage to Miss Butler and her genre breaking stories. 

Someone once asked me if I would/have ever written fan fiction. The answer to that is YES! This piece definitely utilizes many of Miss Butler's Alien characterizations. If this type of story intrigues you, then I highly recommend Adulthood Rights, which is book 1 in the Xenogenisis series.


  1. I love Octavia Butler as well, I also really like Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake and The Handmaids tale

    1. I really like Margaret Atwood too. I'll have to check out Oryx and Crake


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