Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ho-Z Design special promotion

I don't know if you guys have been by to check out my friend Hoz's website lately but he has made it pretty dynamic. He has a shop, artwork, journal and blog so if you haven't been by lately you should check it out at Ho-Z Design
For some of my newer readers, Hoz is the young man that I collaborated with when writing Wheels of Steel. He was the inspiration, muse, editor, artist etc for the story. He even created the music for Wheels of Steel--yes folks, WOS has a soundtrack. I had some shirts made for Wheels of Steel and me and my daughter still rock them--and I still get questions about the upside down wheelchair man appearing on them. 

I just saw some new merchandise in his shop that I'm about to get. Hoz said that if you guys would like to make a print purchase he would give you a promo code. So if you've been interested but haven't wanted to pay the shipping and handling, here is your chance. Here is how: 

To get free shipping on print orders over $20 in USA use the code PepperPace this code is case sensitive, Valid through 08/12/2012 

This is my best friend at Ikea

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  1. Awesome site! Ho-Z has amazing work and works hard. two shirts purchased and more to come!!! Show love for Ho-Z!


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