Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adaptation Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Fairly short chapters so I decided to post both today. Chapter 4 will go up next Monday. Thanks for reading!




  1. You have created a monster, love this story. I have read all three chapters. I stop reading science fiction when Octavia Butler passed away. I could not read this genre because I was very upset due to her passing. I waited four years before I decided to read her last book. This is a outstanding story and would you consider making this into a novel and published. Thank you Bain

    1. Thank you Bain :)
      I may publish this but I'm not sure yet. I'm not sure how long it will be either. When I wrote it, I decided that I would just tell the story in the way that I wanted to tell it, without considering if it will turn into a novel or be a novella.

      I had it mapped out in my head for months and months. Unfortunately that beautiful story that is in my head won't happen because as I began writing these characters they changed the outcome. So now I'm not sure exactly where they are leading me. I have some input but to be true to the characters I allow them to sweep me away.

      Anyways, Octavia Butler was one of those writers that caused you to read and enjoy things that you never thought you could. I suppose her influence is what convinced me that I didn't have to follow a predictable path in storyline. I can do whatever I want. I can create worlds and Universes and new languages. The only draw back is that publishers don't want this type of story.

      Unfortunately that's all I write...good thing I have you guys that appreciate where I'm coming from.


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