Thursday, May 26, 2011

Introducing Vampiric Charms

Readers wanted!

You may not know that I have a huge love of writing in RP (role-play) with other people. Writing becomes unpredictable when you throw...say 5 other elite writers into the mix. But it's also gloriously fun! And the result can sometimes be a masterpiece of writing.

I believe that me and my friends in Vampiric Charms have achieved that. We have a masterpiece...but no one to read it. We've been writing this story for over a year with no readers, and it's never really bothered us because we write for the love of writing. But hell, here is a perfect venue to share our story. If you're interested we'd sure appreciate your feedback and if you would joint the Vampiric Charms blog.


The story centers around two characters; a black young woman named Miika, and a white young countryboy named Tyr. Their love story goes against society; not because of the racial issue but because Miika is human and Tyr is a werewolf. What further muddies the waters is that Miika had been severly maimed by a werewolf attack as a child. This left the beautiful young girl with ugly scars and a crippled body.

Tyr, a rebellious, lone wolf finds beauty in her and she, in turns, soothes his savage beat. Tyr is broken in many ways himself. He unfortunately has 3 distinct components to his personality; in other words from all outward appearance Tyr has a split personality...

Carlisle is Miika's brother and a sworn enemy of all Inderlanders (non-humans). He is also in a secret vigilante group brought together for the sole purpose of evening out the odds in a very pro human way. No one in their close knit family knows Carlisle's deadly secrets.

Layla is Miika's best friend. Layla also happens to be a witch. Witches are born this way, not turned and she is as mild, strong, and loyal as any person could ever hope to find in a friend. She also has a crush on Carlisle. Unfortunate since Carlisle's pure hatred of Inderlanders (and tolerance of her)

Bridget is Tyr's little sister. She sweeps into town as a whirlwind, unbalancing things along the way, but loyal to her brother and family...a danger to her enemies...


Miika was hurrying to Piscary’s Pizza trying to get there before the sun went down. Human’s frequented the upscale gourmet pizza shop during the day, but at sundown it was almost exclusively an Innlander hangout. Only the bravest of humans, or vampire bait were caught there after sunset. And though the sun was turning dusky in the sky, Miika couldn’t ignore her craving for the Piscary’s Tuscan special; covered in slices of roma tomatoes and with four types of cheese. Four. And no pepperoni grease to muck it up; just the spicy tomato sauce covered in asiago, mozzarella, provolone and aged parmesan, then topped with the succulent tomatoes.

Miika had quickly parked her car and was hurrying into the restaurant as a human couple was leaving. The woman called out to her.

“Honey the sun is almost down-“

“I’m not going to be long!” She hurried quicker, barely using her cane, her need for pizza apparently out weighing her need for safety.

“A Tuscan special!” Miika called out before she even reached the bar where you placed your carryout orders. The bartender was a witch that knew her as one of the few humans who would be caught with tomato pizza. She wasn’t easy to forget; pretty face, dark eyes, caramel skinned and with an ugly hump, a clawed hand and a freakish limp.

The bartender was kind enough to put a rush on her order. Still it would be full dark before she left with it…Miika sat back in her barstool and tried to relax while she ignored the curious looks of a table of Vampires. She knew they were trying to figure out if she was there for the thrill of being bitten, but she figured that if she ignored them, they in turn would ignore her.

A blonde man sat at the end of the bar. He was drinking a beer and minding his own business. She noticed him because he was a huge man; werewolf she figured, and wearing nice tight jeans…

A rowdy group of vampires came in and Miika tried not to tense. Vampires smelled that and it was considered an aphrodisiac. They ignored her after a cursory glance. It was widely known that to start any trouble with any humans on the premises would bring the wrath of the vampire owner. You had to have a special license to serve humans and Innlanders in one establishment and one infraction would cause him to loose that license. No Innlander wanted to be on the receiving end of his wrath should that happen.

Miika noticed the Vampires eyeing the werewolf. As they passed him one young vamp bumped into him roughly causing the Werewolves beer to spill. After that things happened very fast. The blonde man stood, looking even more scrumptious then he was sitting. His long blonde hair was tied at the nape of his neck and he had a neat beard a shade darker then the hair on his head.

It was obvious that he was giving the Vamp an opportunity to apologize but the younger man snickered to the rest of his group. He made the mistake of taking his eyes from the blonde man whose fist came out impossibly fast to connect to the vamp’s nose.

Damn, werewolves moved fast! She’d never seen one in action. The bartender came running out from behind the bar, his eyes like saucers. “Miss you better leave.” He was trying to take hold of her arm but Miika was frozen to the spot.

The vampires surrounded the angry blonde man. “Do something.” Miika cried out to the bartender. Those Vamps would kill him…

But movements that were like blurs to Miika’s human eyes showed quite the contrary. The blonde man’s fists kept landing and vampires kept flying; soaring through the air like they were being pulled by invisible wire. 

Read more at Vampiric Charms! This is a role-play group based on the works of Kim Harrison and her Hollows series.


  1. Excited to see what you guys have written...headed over there right now!

  2. Pepper, maybe I'm having a moment but where do we find the beginning of the Vampiric Charms??? It seems kind jumbled....

  3. stuff to read, where do i sign up? you should have poked me, even privately ;-)

  4. ok i've read up. i'm assuming more is going on the blog soon or? because it seems so little for having worked on it for almost a year.
    sorry if i'm putting my foot in.
    however i am very curious as to where the story will take M and T =) i'll be following for sure


  6. click on vampiric charms or go here :
    both are the same

  7. THANK YOU Mokkelke

  8. Hey guys and thanks for taking a look at it. I'll put a link to the blog on this page for easy access. Mokkelke, actually it is novel length. I just put up a small bit but will break it up into big chunks for ease of reading.

    The layout is still a work in progress. Any feedback is appreciated!

  9. Erin, it does seem jumbled with the first post but that actually is the beginning. I'll try to work on the layout so that it is not as confusing.

  10. just thinking,when i read it,you could do one with your fans,it would be fun for us all.x

  11. I really like this story so far. all the characters are very interesting. How did Tyr and Miika go from meeting in the bar to becoming boy/girlfriends?

  12. Hi jjazz59.
    There is no storyline for how their love developed. The story begins after they are boyfriend and girlfriend with a few 'memory' sequences. But I'm happy you like it.

  13. Anything that involves reading your works...just go ahead and sign me up!


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