Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ho-Z Design YouTube video and Pep's Interview

check out this very cool slide show video of Ho-Z's art. EmpressRi uploaded it to YouTube and it can be found on her page.

Here is the direct link to EmpressRi's YouTube of the video. Be sure to check out her page. Ho-Z designed it and it is very cool looking! His store is not quite opened for business but he is still taking orders for projects. He did the design for EmpressRi's YouTube page and he's working on a custom art piece for me, not to mention other things.

Recently I did an interview with Ho-Z. Because of Wheels of Steel and because he's one of my best friends, you guys have seen his name pop up plenty here on the blog. He's been getting lots of hits on his page, as well and has made some other good friends of people from this blog. He also has something that he calls ANTS; people who help him with things that he has particular difficulty with like with language or writing or whatever. I guess I'm a big Ant! LOL. Here are some of the questions that he gets asked:

Q: Where are you from?
A: Norway

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: "left-handed brainiac" - EmpressRi
Best line ever to describe me and my determination. I was 14 when I discovered the tools, after that it has been a race against time to be as unique as possible. Yeah, Mr.Yancey, I see you. RIP 

Q: Tell us about your art: music, writing, etc.
A: My art is all based on photo manipulation, therefore it is a pain to get clearance from people other than the models that do nude modeling. For whatever reason they seem to have a thing for my style of work. Interesting isn't it? The music is just a hobby, nothing big just fun. WOS was one hell of a ride, and I'm not sure you are ready for a new one, Pep, so I'm just cooking a new one until someone has the motivation to go for it.

Q: Tell us about Ho-Z Design and the logo
A: A hobby thing that looks like something more as we speak. My goal is to show that different is not negative. Some comments I've received about the logo has been why do I disrespect people with disabilities, and I've been like, WHAT?

My idea for it was to be proud if the disability, and not disrespectful. For me it’s like a question; Do you dare to be different and stand up for yourself?

YES... I’m disabled and have CP, and it’s a part of me, but let's butt it on its head, and look how open, creative and a bit crazy it can turn me into, to have limitations. By taking a well-known symbol and turn it around, I feel I can represent me as an artist/designer at his best.That is the logic behind it, so now you have a reason to rock the T-shirts as well; it’s not just cool, but a lot more!

"Yo stop frontin and use your head" – KRS ONE

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Get the store for prints up and running (see any art you want to buy? Pre-order prints by e-mailing me at, expand the services I can help with. Build a network of "ants" to help run the daily promotion work around the world.

Q: Are you single? Not asking for myself, mind you--but people do ask. (He is blushing furiously at this question)
A: Status: mmmm, what can I say, these readers sure do have a lot on there minds, that I ever hear? 
But seriously why do someone want to know the status of me, the silent jazz cat in the corner? Ok, let me ask you this, what can you do that will spark my creativity? (challenge for all of you that did not have the nerves to ask me) Game on!

Q: Will you be in the states anytime soon?
A: I'm planning to go there soon, and will bring some new stuff with me… 

Thanks PEP, and be sure to click the 'Like' button for Ho-Z Design in the sidebar. All you blue birds(tweet tweet) can follow me at @hozdesign.Want to be an ant? You are more then welcome to, or want custom art, preorder prints email me at  See you all over at for nice chat and an artistic journey.


  1. The photo/print store will open Friday

  2. Awwwwww! I absolutely LOVED this Post! :D

  3. I still have one question: Where did the Ho-Z name come from?


    P.S. Please forgive me if this is already asked and answered elsewhere. I have spent this past week residing in the 7th circle of Hell and might not be as attentive as usual.

  4. @A My last name shortened, simple as that

  5. @Ho-Z. Cool. I was afraid you were going to start explaining about your passion for garden tools and/or women of loose morals.

  6. I have a passion for garden tools AND I'm a woman of loose morals....I think I've got all the basis covered.

  7. If the person that ordered a white top is from this blog... well thank you and hope you enjoy the top.... :D

  8. Hi Ho-Z
    What inspires you to create such beautiful artwork?


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