Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beast re-edits chapters 10, 11 & 12

Okay, rolled up the remaining re-edits into one post. Please ignore the highlights, the change in fonts, the line breaks. They don't signify anything but a means for me to locate where I am in the manuscript. The next post will be all new material.

Beast re-edits chapter 10-12


  1. Yay!!! Total 100% improvement. PReviously I really didn't understand the relationship between these two with the minor additions I get it now. YOu know that you are great I like that you took the thoguhts that some of your readers expressed and made changes though you stayed true to your vision of the story. I have to say that this may never be my favorite story by you but I admire your writing and creativity in this story! Kudos!

  2. I haven't started reading Beast yet. Where should I read it to get the latest and greatest? Here or Literotica. If here, where exactly. I seem to be overlooking the link for the re-edits for the earlier chapters (1-7). Sorry if I'm totally blind and it's in front of my face.

  3. Hi Anonymous. The best place to start is Literotica. It will have all of the most updated edits. Then you can move back to the blog when you get to the end of the Literotica submissions. Thanks for reading it!


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