Monday, May 16, 2011

More questions for Pep

Yay, got more questions to answer. 

"Does That Make Me Gay? is really interesting, will you ever do more with it? Is that your only gay/lesbian story?"

I really had fun writing Does That Make Me Gay? For one I enjoyed writing it as interactive with the pictures. It reminded me of my time writing in role play groups. Does That Make Me Gay? is my first time writing in the lesbian genre but it won't be my last. I would actually enjoy continuing their storyline. I worried that I would make some angry since one of the characters spends much of the story thinking that she is crushing on a guy before realizing that it is a girl.

I'm incredibly interested in writing gay male stories. I did the most awesomely sexy gay RP with one of my writing buddies in an RP called Fifth Avenue (If you want to read it I posted the entire RP on the blog and it's contained in chapter 3--good luck finding it though :).  I always jump at writing the male roles. I sometimes think that I should have been born a gay male :)

Okay, next question;

"My question is when will the next part of Beast be up? I'm checking back all day everyday lol. You have us hooked" 

I actually intend to have something for you guys Tuesday. I didn't write any of the story last week. I didn't realize that my addiction to Liptons Iced Tea with citrus would result in withdrawals when I ran out of the stuff...But anyways once my nausea and headaches went away then I developed the toothache. Both problems have been rectified! Now back on track!

Any more questions?  None? Aww...


  1. Okay I know you have alot on your plate, but how soo or not so soon will They Say Love is Blind be out? Also have you seen 1Girl 5Gays on Logo? good show.. my new addiction. Btw i love your writing. You have a brilliant mind. To me your stories are based on real things with real people and real situations. Love it girl! love it.

  2. Kalibiggirl32, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've just seen 1 Girl 5 Gays and it's officially amazing!

  3. i love gay stories what site is it on?


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