Monday, May 16, 2011

Question to Pep

Blogger went down a few days ago and I missed some questions, comments, feedback. If I missed anything please be sure to resubmit. Also, I read my emails and such over my phone where I can't respond until I get home later in the evening. Every once in a while I'll forget that I haven't responded to a question. Believe me when I say that I'm not ignoring you or don't want to answer questions. I live for questions!

Someone asked one and I forgot to respond so here it is.

"Will there be a sequel to The Way Home?"

Unfortunately if I did a sequel I could never do much with it because I can't do anything with The Way Home. When I wrote it, I wasn't writing it with the thought that it would be read. I wrote it just for the sake of writing. I wrote it to satisfy my own curiosity about these characters--if that makes sense at all. The story deals with first love between two teens under the age of eighteen and because a very important portion of the story involves the two having sex I can't use this story anywhere. It wasn't even a good idea for me to post it on the blog. But it is one of my very favorites. My friend JG did the editing and when it was done I think we both said too bad we can't do anything with the story.

I don't really want to change it, either. I don't want to take out the love scene, or make them older so...I'm kind of stuck. This is truly art for the sake of art...I wrote it because I had to and it was never going to go anywhere. Though most of us will read the story and see in it the innocence of first time love...others might use it to feed into a dark and sick nature. So no sequel to The Way Home. Thanks for asking. Did I miss anyone elses question?


  1. Does That Make Me Gay? is really interesting, will you ever do more with it? Is that your only gay/lesbian story?

  2. My question is when will the next part of Beast be up. I'm checking back all day everyday lol. You have us hooked

  3. my questions is what's the state of They Say Love is Blind contest winner update?

  4. I loved "The Way Home", though I can understand your hesitance to post it anywhere. (Wouldn't it be nice if we could just live without people taking the most twisted interpretation of what we say/write?). With the story ending with the characters older and not having contact for quite some time I also thought there might be room for another story. Or are the characters finished for you?

  5. Hi Anonymous. The characters aren't finished for me. I still care about their story. I won't say that there definitely won't be a sequel but I have so many other things that I want to write that I don't think I'd ever do their sequel unless I have another contest and their story won.

    Thanks for asking and I'm happy you loved the story as much as I did.


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