Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People hand in hand
Have I lived to see the milk and honey land ?
Where hates a dream and love forever stands
Or is this a vision in my mind ?


  1. I was wonderin if you have ever seen a movie called secretary with james spader and maggie gillanhaal if so what did u think?

  2. No, I've never seen it but after reading about it on Wiki it sounds like something I'd write.


  3. I've seen it and it is the ideal S&M relationship to me, I think. Can't say that I've ever met someone with that particular interest but it just seems like if you would want someone to partake in that activity with you, wouldn't you want it to be with someone you trust and has a certain level of dominance over you, that is if you're the M part of the S&M.


  4. Thats exactly what I thought when I first seen it, it really reminded me of a cross between emoboy and untitled.


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