Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pep's ex

While on the internet and reading blogs I realized that a lot of people have an 'about me' page. Well I don't have that because I tend to share a lot of personal information as I blog. Some things I don't talk about is friends, siblings, co-workers, and exes. Once that's in the universe you can never take it back so it's best not to even go there.

But I decided that I'm going to bend that rule a bit and show a video of one of my best friends, who also happens to be my ex. Sometimes it happens that you can break up with a person and form an even greater bond as a friend rather than as a lover.

Anyways, my ex is a stand-up comic and I decided to share his act. He would probably shit since this video is a year old and he's dropped his weight. But I think he's tremendously funny--though this is not one of his best bits. Also he has a very dirty mouth so make sure no kiddies are around. Enjoy.



  1. Wow pep i thought that comedian bit was funny my fav part would have to be him talking about tiger woods, being chunky and going to Golden Corral and not being homophobic just anal aware thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. He was funny.


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