Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is Pep listening to; February 24, 2011?

"...Put your tongue In my mouth Make me wet Run your hands Down my back Grab my ass Lay me down Spread my legs Mmm, tell me What's it like Inside me? Mmm Inside me Oh yeah Inside me You're so hard Mmm, so warm baby So deep Deep Let me hold you closer Baby I won't let go Let me stroke you with my warmth Make you come Inside me Inside me My hands feel good Inside me Can't you feel My sadness Inside me Can you feel So deep Yeah So deep Yeah." 

This is what I'm listening to. Would you like to listen to it too? Haha...I bet you would. 

MeShell N'degeOcello-Trust

I have been a fan of this woman's for years. She wrote a song called Wasted Time. This song used to have my face burning because it was exactly what I felt for a certain someone that had moved on. She's an amazing songstress. Wasted time just stops. It's what makes this artist so amazing to me. 

MeShell N'degeOcello-Wasted Time
There is a song for every mood. Some of my favorites are Thankful, Shirk, Outside Your Door, You made a fool of me. This woman has put music to my most inner thoughts and desires. She's an amazing talent. For me, this says it all:

just wanna be happy
and thankful
not just
try to get through


  1. "Love Song 2" on this album is my shit!! It's like she's a love alien from another planet that specifically came to bring love to the person that she's singing to....."come to me....we are the sun...." those lyrics and that guitar riff at the end makes my soul shine

  2. I had never heard it so I went searching. Man that is hard to find! It was worth the search, though. That is on my MUST-LISTEN-TO-REPEATEDLY list. Thanks for that one NS.


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