Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The winner is They Say Love Is Blind ~ 155 votes
Second place is Blair and the Emoboy ~ 131 votes

624 people voted and I really appreciate it. First I'm going to thank you all for voting, coming back to check the status and even changing your votes to get the most favorable outcome. I'm only going to write the two continuations. But Jamie and Kenny will make an appearance in one of my newer ones. 

As far as Urban Vampire is concerned, it did get 84 votes which put it in 3rd place. I'll really consider continuing the third novel at some point in the near furture. As you all know from when I wrote WOS, and might remember from when I re-wrote Juicy, it takes a hella long time to do a novel length story and will knock me out of commission for other things that I'm  DYING to write. But...if it had come in second instead of Emoboy, I would have honestly pushed everything else back and wrote it. *Does a happy dance that I don't have to consider it...for the moment*

One of the projects that I've already started is a series of twisted Fairy Tales. Some of the stories are going to be raunchy and some are going to be sweetly romantic. It will be a Fairy Tale to satisfy your different desires...

But first...you can expect to see the two winning stories posting backwards with Blair and The Emoboy's continuation first--since I'm already halfway done with that.

Thank you again for voting!


  1. You should consider writing the way home *wink wink*

    But it was a pretty fun contest and the ones i'm most interested in won anyway, so I can't wait to read these sequels!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to vote..."twisted fairytales" sounds yummy

  3. Hey pep just wonderin if those twisted tales were also gonna be IR? Super siked cant wait to read.

  4. They are all going to be IR. I'm even going to switch it up a bit and have the heroine of one of the stories as a white girl (thanks to the suggestion of Gail when we were discussing a kick-ass Goldilocks and the three bears...)

    But the first one that I'd like to post is a remake of Beauty and the Beast. I already started it while waiting on the results of the poll. It's a really sappy sweet one...Well, you all know how I write; as sappy and sweet as one can write when it involves deformity.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i wanted UV ive read that like 3 times and ive asked u to maybe continue it =;(

  6. Pep,
    Any remake of Beauty and the Beast is welcome I've even seen that there's a movie coming out that's something like Beauty and the Beast its called... Beastly. I'm pretty sure you've already seen the commercial for it as well. It looks interesting, but one of the things I'm gonna miss is the Angela Lansbury voiced tea pot l.o.l


  7. I'm hyped about the movie Beastly. I saw the trailer for it nearly a year ago but they held it back because Vanessa Hudgens was dating Zac Effron at the time and his movie Charlie St Cloud was due to be released at the same time as Beastly.

    I believe Charlie St Cloud didn't do so hot. Hoping Beastly will. I'd love to be a script writer. If I was, Beastly would have been exactly the type of theme I would have gone for.

  8. On the same note about Beastly...I thought the guy was way cuter with the scarred face than he was without them. But I have a fetish that I don't think would be a stretch for you guys to believe...but I'm turned on by physical imperfection. I'm turned on by physical perfection too, but just saying...LOL.

    I had a boyfriend once tell me, 'Would you stop playing with my fat!' But he was built like Dan Connors from the Roseanne Barr show and I found his fat so incredibly sexy and I'd absently find myself running my hands all over it.

    But I can't help it. I'm fixated on scars. It started with my Mom (this is not Freudian). She was real skinny and after giving birth to me she got bad stretch marks on her belly. So as a kid I used to lift up her shirt and rub her belly and then I'd feel better. I'd rub her legs too because she never shaved them (lol) and she had freckles all over them that had texture. (Now I have those same freckles on my leg, millions of them and me and my Mom are the only two people I've ever seen with them--I don't really like them so much...)

    Wow, I realized how irritating having someone always touching your imperfections can be. My son turned out to be just like me. And I remember thinking, I wish this kid would stop rubbing my stomach...until my Mom reminded me.

  9. Thanls Pepperpace, I am looking forward to reading the winners.


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