Monday, February 7, 2011


This contest has amazed me! On the 2nd  I announced the contest and here it is the 7th and there has already been 400 votes. 

To show my appreciation for your continued interest in my stories and for visiting my blog and making it a success, I've decided to write a continuation of the top two voted stories regardless of which one wins. 

What I'm saying is, everyone already knows that I'm going to continue the Emoboy story whether it ends up in the top two or not. So...if Emoboy ends up in the top two; then I'll write that AND one other story. If Emoboy doesn't end up in the top two, I'll STILL write Emoboy AND two others.

See where I'm heading? And if anyone wants to change their vote, the poll allows it. I am very happy that Emoboy is so popular! Shows that people are open to a well told reluctance or BDSM story. And I am very much enjoying writing the continuation of the Emoboy story as we speak (*blushes), guys can get more stories out of me if Emoboy doesn't win.  

Just my input.

btw, in case you are wondering why I included the story in the poll in the first place...because lazy Pep would have jipped you out of a story (*double blush), but nice, kind, considerate Pep will uphold my agreement with you all: You give me a vehicle in which to write away my anxiety and I will continue to give you something to read that is worth your time.


  1. Look at you, getting over 400 votes on story re-dux! Okayy coool coool cool so emo is getting redone for sure!! YEAHHHHH!!! I wonder which one should be 2nd and 3rd choice*cough* they say love is blind *cough* milf *cough*. ohh you say something? ohh okay.. lmaooo..Love they way you mind works Pep, you are an awesome writer. Now im on to reading The Shadow People.

  2. Whatever is the winner, you do give me the best trait of story Pep....honestly. Even last night i got spook....due to The Shadow.

  3. You dont have to worry about keeping us interested....if you dont update, I just start reading a story that you've already written all over again. It pisses me off to think that you are having trouble getting published because they want you to add filler to your stories. I know its a necessary evil...but it's still lame. For instance, I read a book recently by Megan Hart called "Tempted" There were times where I was rolling my eyes because of the filler. To top it seemed like she wanted to throw some male on male in there but was scared to do it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking her process or creativity...but got damn! It was a fucking 3some story about a husband that kissed his male best-friend. Just do it already! However, no sexy male/male+wife. I want my $14 -30% off borders back. Sorry for the ramble


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