Friday, February 11, 2011

The 12th Annual Literotica Award Nominations

It's that time again. Literotica has opened up nominations for 2010.
The categories (and direct links) are:

Most Helpful Editor *for authors*
Most Influential Writer
Most Influential Poet
Sexiest Female Character In A Story
Sexiest Male Character In A Story
Most Literary--Genre Transcending
Most Original Sex Scene

I was nominated for Most Influential and most Literary--Genre Transcending writer, Mokkelke was nominated for most Original Sex scene, Robcub was nominated for sexiest male, Jazcullen was nominated for everything! I'm sorry if I missed some of you that are blog followers; if so leave a comment and I'll add you here. Voting ends February 28th!


  1. removed earlier comment. they have been up for a while. even went so far they all accused of being alts of each other because one of us (we're all tweeting ;-) ) pointed out the contest was live, so we posted our choices pretty fast after each other. go us !!

  2. I don't even like going into the forum. When writers begin bashing on another and questioning their votes and nominations, I no longer even want to read that writers work.
    But congrats Mokkelke!


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