Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is Respect? (Ho-Z reblog)

This was very cool post concerning the upside down wheelchair man logo that my friend Ho-Z uses and I wanted to share. Here is the direct link to the article as it appears on Ho-Z's website. WHAT IS RESPECT?

Some people may think the logo could be interpreted as disrespectful. That is just not the case. Respect is the main issue Ho-Z design attempts to address with the clothing line. Is it disrespectful? The short answer is no. More specifically, a big misconception would be to assume that the logo is mocking, whereas the intention is quite the opposite. It’s a demonstration in support.
Disrespect is actually showing you don’t care. If you don’t care you don’t see the person, and that’s the problem.  Sometimes a disabled person can feel invisible. If you hate something or love something, you still care one way or the other. Disabled people will be happy to see you in it. You’re saying,
‘You are not invisible, I see you, you are also human and I respect that.’
You may have also seen the symbol a million times in your day to day life not understanding the significance or impact. In truth, it is extremely important. It’s there for a reason, to address challenges others may take for granted every single day. It signifies the acknowledgement that a disabled person goes to the same places, and does the same things everyone does.
I assure you if you look at it this way, you’ll never see it the same again and it will most likely mean more to you as well.
Not only will people notice the statement you’re making while wearing the logo, it may cause them to question their own beliefs too.
“As with any style you’re encouraged to make it your own. I’ve even seen some transform them into crop tops, add accessories, or delight in color choice. It’s all about individuality. I encourage that. People often buy a piece and then come back for more. That’s normal. You turn heads and at the same time make an important statement.”
If you are hesitating, don’t.  The Ho-Z Design brand is actually all about crushing stereotypes. It’s meant to be fun, and unique. If that fits you and it’s a message you can stand behind, show your support today!
Show your support today! Rock the clothing from the shop, or score a print from the art gallery! Names, personalized items, and art print clothing available upon special request. For any of these requests, please use the form on the contact page to place all special orders.

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