Saturday, November 10, 2012

A question for Pep: Music from WOS

I received a question on my "Ask Pep A Question" post. I thought I would share it with you all.

Hi Ms. Pace,
I am currently reading WOS (I am so very behind, and kicking myself for just discovering your books) I was wondering where the soundtrack was. There has been reference to it, so I was hoping it was still avaliable somewhere? Also just wanted to applaud your work. This genre was becoming painfully predictable to me, and I have found actual redemption in your characters! I had given up, but not anymore. Its also made me rethink a few things...So very well done. 

Hi Nikki,
I'm happy that you have discovered WOS. When I first began writing the story I posted each chapter here on the blog. At one point it was interactive and all you had to do was to click the links and it would take you to music.

As the story progressed I discontinued making it interactive. The links are no longer available. Ho-Z, the muse and inspiration to the story created short, original music to the story. He may make them available to you if you let him know that you are interested in them. One song that he specifically gave me is Sweetheart in Hamilton County. So that is a song that I can share with you.

Sweetheart in Hamilton County was a song that Ho-Z specifically made for me. As you may remember, in WOS Robin's online name was SweetheartHC for Sweetheart in Hamilton County. When Jason fell for Robin he was so touched by her sleeping form that he created this song for her. Ho-Z did such a wonderful job with this song that it literally blew me away. I play it all of the time (it was my ringtone until I got my my iphone 4S and didn't know how to add my own ringtones).

I decided to share the song with you all and if you like it please give a shoutout to Ho-Z. He doesn't make music anymore and I think its a great shame :( He is an excellent, creative man that should explore every one of his talents. 



  1. Hello Pepper, This song is lovely, major talent involved. Ho-Z should consider selling this song. Thank you for sharing Bain.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Thanks A lot for the comments!
    Nikki I replied your Facebook message with the links to all the songs created for WOS

  4. hey pep. sent you an email with SIHC as a ringtone! talent nah, just a geek !


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