Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miscegenist Sabishii now available on Amazon

Sorry, everyone. I forgot to announce that Miscegenist Sabishii is now available on I also failed to tell you that this one novel includes all three books in the series as well as a new bonus epilogue. The price is $4.99.

Now available on

What do you do if you’re a black man in all ways except one; on the outside? That is the dilemma that Tony faces as a Japanese American raised in an all black urban neighborhood. Now as an adult Tony finds himself attracted to black women but due to social taboos is unable to have a true relationship.

It doesn’t help that his mother will not accept the fact that he will never marry any of the many Asian women that she randomly sets him up with. But then one day the woman of his dreams walks into the office. She is everything that Tony wants; bodacious, big booty, big boobs and black. The only problem; he is her boss.

Nikki likes Tony but finds herself attracted to his friend Dean, African American and sexy! Unfortunately he is not nearly the man that Tony is and by the time that she discovers this it may be too late. Pepper Paces' latest interracial erotic romance first appeared to rave reviews in as a three part story. Now all stories have been combined into one volume including a bonus epilogue!


  1. I have been waiting. Thanks!

  2. Will Miscegenist Sabishii be available at Barnes & Noble soon? If not, will it be available at other e-book retailers. Thank you.

  3. Hi Anonymous, Miscegenist Sabishii has just been submitted to Barnes and Noble. It generally takes two or three days to publish. As of yet, I've only submitted my work to Amazon and B&N as well as LULU (who has done some of my hardback.

    Sometimes, you will see that I'm not very speedy when it comes to submitting to B&N but that is only because sales are much slower there. So I have more exposure on Amazon--but I purchase my stories on Nook more than Amazon. Yeah, I know...I have to be speedier. BUT, it's submitted now and should be available by Wednesday!

    Thanks for keeping me on my Ps and Qs!

  4. Hi Pepper,

    Thanks for the information; I will check Barnes & Nobles later this week.

    I've enjoyed many of your titles and look forward to new ones.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi - I just finished Miscegenist Sabishii - and I loved it. I only wished it was longer. Looking forward to more~



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