Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Questions that have gone unanswered; ask me again

Sorry guys. There have been some questions that I've been asked and I read them while away from home. Later, when I'm home I forget the question! I promise that I didn't ignore your question because I don't like it or that I am stuck up (grin), I just can't find the question again. 

Also, if you've sent an email to me on gmail then I didn't get it. Honestly, I don't remember starting a gmail account but obviously I did because I finally pulled it up a few days ago and there was a ton of emails there!

Someone asked me a question that I wanted to answer and it had to do with the reaction of one of my characters, I believe that it was WOS. Anyways, if you asked me a question that I didn't answer then please send it again. 



  1. Hey! I know you are a foodie, and while I am not big on spicy stuff, I thought you might enjoy this.


  2. Hi Pepper!! Ive posted questions on here before but for some reason they never show up. Anyway I was wondering if there will be a second book for They say love is blind??
    I'm a HUGE fan of your, your just amazing and your books have really opend my eyes!! xxx

  3. Thank you Fay. I have no plans for a second part to They Say Love is Blind. I feel like a lot of my time is spent continuing stories when I have so much new stuff that people would like. I want to take some time to try out some new characters on you guys...I just need to make the time. Thanks for asking!

  4. My question is about MILF, where can I find that story? :)

  5. Ah, MILF is one of my favorite shorts. That story is found in a collection of short erotic stories entitled Love Intertwined Vol. 2. It includes My Special Friend and Blair and the Emoboy 1 & 2. It sales on both Amazon.com and B&N for $5.99 in digital and $12.55 in paperback.


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