Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Problem Solver: A new free Pepper Pace story

I don't know if I've ever shared the origins of my pen name; Pepper Pace. If I have it was so long ago that it bears repeating.

When I was a young adult my best friend had a boyfriend whose name was Pepper Pace. I thought it was a very cool name and years later I decided to use it in a story. The name of that story was The Problem Solver and in it Pepper Pace was a good/bad guy. The Problem Solver is my attempt to write a Donald Goines-esque story that is gritty and urban and kind of evil. I eventually scrapped the story but was still intrigued with the name and so when I created an online persona it became Pepper Pace.

Before you decide to read this there are two very important facts that I must share: 

First is that I used 'Dictation',  a program available on my new Mac computer to transcribe this story from its written form. Dictation is my new toy and I like it a lot. But its not perfect. So when I speak it might type a word that sounds similar and it requires me to go back and reread it. 

I did a quick scan to catch some of the errors--but not all of them! If you are bothered by typos and bad editing then I suggest you skip this story. You've been warned.

The second fact is that this is a FULL three part story. Many of you are currently reading partial stories and wishing for the end of many of them :(

I don't want to be one of those writers that make constant promises to finish a project but never does. I'm just going to be straight and say that I don't know when this story or that will be completed. But I'm making a point of publishing this complete story in three parts! Each part will be published in one week intervals.

Now lets begin:



  1. I am glad to know it's complete because I can't wait to see how Donnie gets it.

  2. im going to like this story..this is the kind of story that i cant wait to read what happens next

  3. Thank you for sharing your talents with us Ms.Pace.


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