Friday, November 23, 2012

A Post Thanksgiving message from my sister.

My sister wrote this on her Facebook and I decided to reblog it. 
Have you seen this AT&T commercial?
I'll admit it I did something stupid that the majority of us probably do. Yesterday I was texting while driving. The ironic thing was this commercial came to my mind as I was texting, I thought to myself how stupid am I to be texting and driving. Do I really want this to be my last text just like that man in that commercial? I immediately put the phone down (I didn't even finish my text).
Fast forward to Thanksgiving day. I'm hosting a Thanksgiving diner at my house. Sheilah's sister brought a young man named Wil to our home for Thanksgiving. I couldn't initially tell what his condition was but he walked with a limp and had the use of only one arm and hand. He was getting around very well and walking and talking and telling funny stories, he made all of us laugh.
After dinner when I finally had a chance to sit down and talk to him I asked him about his condition. He said... "I can show you better than I can tell you". He pulled out his cell phone, navigated to You Tube and played this video. I screamed, "Will is this you!!!" He smiled and said yes. I told him that he may not believe this but I thought of him yesterday. I said you don't know me but I thought of you yesterday while I was texting and driving, I told him how I put the phone down because I remembered your commercial. I cried and he gave me the longest hug...
PP says: Please remember this video whenever you are in a situation where someone has so little care for your life and safety that they will text and drive. You see this man was a passenger.

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