Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beta Reader needed

If anyone is interested in being a Beta Reader for Creepyrj Please let me know. It is for a novel length story that deals with a fantasy world. 

If you aren't familiar with RJ's writing then check him out on RJ is the ONLY writer that I have offered to edit a story for. He's one of my favorite writers as well as a good friend. 



  1. I would enjoy being a beta. Usually I do it for more tech writings but love rj on lit

    1. Awesome, can you send me an email at so that I can get you two together? I appreciate it BCG and I'm sure RJ will too!

  2. Pep, I just saw this and I would have been interested. I usually edit scholarly material in the humanities but this would have been fun. So just for future reference I would be up for this kind of thing...
    JoAnne AKA ebonywahine

  3. Thanks Joanne. I may need one for myself. But I post too fast and so my turnaround is impossible. But RJ and I were both talking about needing Betas for projects we are working on but I had to turn my in by Tuesday.

    I do have other stuff coming down the line. I'll let you know when and thank you!


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