Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am so neuotic

How about that post title? LOL.

I've discussed this in previous posts. Feel free to dig through them if you like. But anyways, I should be writing because I do have a shitload of writing obligations. No, I'm not talking about Adaptation, but for a third party and since it does involve making money I really need to stay on task. Not to say that Adaptation isn't in the back of my mind because the next chapter needs to be reworked before I can post it. And that is not even addressing the next part of WOS and Urban Vampire that needs to be released in 2013. No rush jobs, either but FUCKING great novels need to be written...and I haven't even started. And A Seal Upon Your Heart is sitting there collecting dust.

So I'm sitting here this evening with free time on my hands and it is the perfect time to get some editing or writing done. 

But I can't.

Do you want to know why? Because I'm neurotic, hence the post title. You see, my daughter came home for Thanksgiving break and she played a song for me. We are a hugely musical family. We listen to just about everything and it is literally the backdrop of my existence. I wouldn't even dream of writing without music. (If you send me a playlist I will listen to it!). I need hours and hours of music so that I can become the story. No music, no story.

By the way, that wasn't the neurotic part. Back to the story, the song that she played for me is by a group called Fleet Foxes. It's been around for several years and you may have heard it at some time or other. While i was listening to the opening I thought it reminded me of another song that I'd heard. When I told my daughter she agreed. I started wracking my brain trying to figure it out.

So later, I sat at my computer to write--and couldn't. I kept thinking of the beginning of White Winter Hymnal and what it sounded like. It nagged at me and instead of writing I was 'compelled' to find the song. 

Now, considering that I listen to hours upon hours of music I knew that this would be horrible for me. But whenever I picked up the laptop I was more interested in scanning through my music library for that obscure song than I was in writing. 

And that is what it is to be neurotic. You know its crazy but you just can't stop. Well anyways, luckily, it only took me 2 days to find the song. I remembered that it was in some Twilight movie and then it was just a matter of scanning through my playlist for movie soundtracks. And now I am happily writing, and editing and trying to get back on task.

Here is the song that almost made me crazy; Bombay Bicycle Club-How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep.

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