Friday, June 3, 2011



This will be the last update of 'Untitled' until I finish the novel. I am at the tail end of the story...and unfortunately I cannot tell you when it will be done. But most of you know that I don't like to leave a story half told :)

With this update I would like to thank some people that helped the story to develop properly. I had a friend help me write one of the poems and to make the first read and to gently nudge me into the right direction. Another friend, Ben, wrote one of the poems entitled Alone. (I failed poetry 101 so...). The ability of Martier to be able to write her feelings poetically and the help that I got with the poetry was invaluable!

I also would like to acknowledge Calibeachgirl for her information about nuns and information about being an assistant to an attorney. And just as importantly, I would like you for taking the time to read a partially finished story and to provide me with feedback as well as help with selecting a title. I'm still unsure about the title but hopefully by the time the novel is complete there will be one slapped on the update. 



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