Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I literally can not deal with one more night of insomnia. 

Once, I was prescribed sleeping pills but they only give you a few as they are highly addictive. It went against my grain to take them but I literally couldn't deal. It was so wonderful! Unfortunately you can't do it each night and the nights I didn't take them, I was wide awake again. 

I've been yawning since 8 pm. I dropped off at about 9 with the whole drool thing going. I was supposed to write with my friend Silvious, from Vampiric Charms but I couldn't do it. But I know if I give in to sleep before 11 pm, I'll just be wide awake even earlier than 4 am. 

I took a shot of bourbon; American Honey, actually. And by 'shot' I mean two sips. It's way too strong for me to even consider drinking more. Besides, you aren't supposed to drink liquor when you have insomnia because it will wake you up in the middle of your sleep cycle. But the thing with me is that it will make me fall right back to sleep. At least that's what happened the night before last. 

Maybe I'll get lucky and it will happen again. All I want is to sleep completely through the night. 

Goodnight everyone. I hope American Honey works...


  1. I know exactly how you feel... there have been plenty of nights where I can't go to sleep so I sit up and read for hours and hours or I watch old shows like Roseanne, The Nanny, Home Improvement. Sometimes even turn to the Animal Planet. Here's a trick that I use, find a movie you've been wanting to see, maybe try something from those Red Boxes. First thing's first prepare for bed/get comfy then put the movie on when you feel yourself wanting to drift off and see if you can't sleep then. Really if it doesn't work then you've gotten the chance to watch a movie and if it does work, then yayy.


  2. I made it to 2:45 am. Maybe I should do like the old potty training days and not drink ANYTHING before bedtime.

    I have Netflex. Which is why I have been known to watch such movies as The Frog Princess at 3 am and cracking up, laughing out loud while doing it. Not a follower of Disney or anything, but that movie is terrific.

    Maybe I should just drink some more American Honey. I just need 3 more hours...Sometimes I send people messages saying; 'Hey, are you awake?' and then at 7 I get a message back saying, 'Yeah.'

  3. Ugh, insomnia's the worst. I've been battling it for about two years, but due to a recent injury...well, 9 month old injury; sometimes I'm awake for two days at a time. Sometimes warm milk laced w/Kahlua is a huge help but here lately, I've been taking advantage of it by reading Vampiric charms which is simply AWESOME (that was sung in a high pitched voice btw ;-). Hopefully I can return the favor someday! Sweet dreams when you can get 'em.

  4. Stress and worrying causes me to loose sleep. Bills, low finances, kids, & my job keeps me up for hours everynight. Are you stressed out about something?

  5. No...but I just determined what my problem is. The big M. Mood swings, depression, hot flashes, barely making it to the bathroom, lack of motivation, body aches, weight gain, confusion, fatigue, wakening up early...all equals menopause. It's fairly early for me but I don't believe there is a solid age to begin and it lasts years.

    At least I know what's going on. I thought I was going nuts and dying at the same time.

    The bright side is that I now have an excuse to give in to the darkside. Muahahaha.

    Um...that was the menopause talking, not me.

  6. I can send you some of my training videos. On nights when I can't sleep, learning to take a Lexmark printer apart will definitely do it for me. I've had the training for about 8 months now and still haven't completed it because I keep falling asleep.

  7. LOL, my coworker started discussing cases when we went out for lunch and I swear when she started asking me if I code 617 for a 990-N call when they are completing the submoddata sheet, my eyes began to cross.

    I took a 40 minute power nap when I got home. It helped tremendously!!!

  8. I found trepiline to work quite well. It's not addictive, it's coded as a anti-depressant but it works wonders for my insomnia & migraines.

  9. Insomnia....tastes like chicken. I sleep 4 hours a night if I'm lucky. I can say that if you practice deep breathing exercises it does help. Got me to five a night...oh and mad sex helps as well....but that's just me =D


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