Sunday, June 26, 2011

TRUEBLOOD season premier

What the hell was that?

(Spoiler alert. Read at your own risk!)


  1. That's what I said... I was like 13 months she's been gone? And Jason seems to have made a little bit a turn around...
    And Tara... she's changed her name and sexual preference, not that it matters I was just shocked like wow Tara likes women now? But the shock wore off after she refrained from beating the drunk that was offering to pay her and her gf for some entertainment. And for some reason that seems good for her now, she does seem calm and happy except for the lies she told her partner... that's not cool.
    I will say that I was even more shocked by Tommy hanging around Hoyt's moms, when did that happen? I mean granted Tommy does need someone in his life that isn't as volatile as his parents and clearly Sam, but Hoyt's mom? Really?
    I really do like that Sam has found other shifters to mingle with... at first I thought he was in anger management class, then he was apart of some orgy, and I was pleasantly surprised when they all raced from the house as horses.
    Another thing I wanna comment on his Hoyt and Jessica... I had to close my eyes when he started eating those raw eggs and egg shells, that's just something I cannot stomach. Eeeww! But I do love that he is fully committed to Jessica. But to me Jessica is still that 17 year old girl that never got to hang out and date and experience things and with her being turned by Bill she's got a whole other world to experience and being tied to Hoyt just doesn't seem to be cutting it now... she looks bored and scared really and that can't be good.
    I was so loving Jesus and Lafayette... but the witches... no they just don't seem right.
    But Eric... he seems to generally have an interest in Sookie, other than sex, which is odd. Could he possibly really want a relationship with her? Hmmm? And Bill as the King of Louisiana...kinda saw that coming.
    Anywho sorry for typing so much I just wanted to make a few comments... l.o.l with a few being an understatement....

  2. I just wanted it to match book # 4. I was waiting since the beginning to see book #4 played out! It's good enough w/o making changes! I mean, I know Eric is going to lose his memory and the witches are going to do it. The previews have already led up to this...but still!

    Bill, now I actually like him. Seems like they are trying to take away Eric's cool. I'm hating that. It's what I love about Eric.

    Oh I love me some LaLa. Jesus...still iffy about, now he's gotten him all mixed up with these witches nowing how powerful he is. I'm pretty skep on him right now.

    I realize that Jess and Hoyt are young and foolish (and what's with that evil looking doll that I saw in the previews and at the end last year???) but I wanted to see them happy before the shit storm brewed up again.

    Tara...I can't even tell you how disappointed I am in that. Tara is just hiding within herself, which is understandable under the circumstances. But batting for the other team??? I'm sorry but I don't think that just 'happens' Even after the rape and beatings...does it? I mean, maybe she does hate dick, though I can't see how that's possible. I mean hate the man behind the dick--but you can't hate the dick :)

    I'm too addicted to this show to give up on it but...I am disappointed.

  3. l.o.l I know I am just as addicted... I tried to stop watching the show, ya know ween myself from it, but that only lasted for like fifteen minutes of an episode once. You know if they just had Lafayette running the show I would still watch it...l.o.l
    And yes even though I am a bit suspicious of Jesus as well they do make quite a couple. Even with the witches... and ya know that woman, the head witch? She would be the evil one outta the whole bunch... after all didn't she used to be Harry Potter's Aunt l.o.l


  4. Tara was traumatized. After something like that, you can change in all types of ways. Everything that she thought she knew about the people around her, was a lie. She needs to regroup and grow. Which has happened in the past 12 1/2 months. The shift in Eric's personality is like you said, the ground work for the plot that most of us know. Russell is not dead, dead yet. So that will work as a great foil for the known plots.

    Lafayette's mama said that everyone wants him. I love his role. Jason could not stay an irresponsible ass forever. Still gullible, though. Sookie coming back through the rabbit hole, has her shocked and freaked. I am hoping that they work Niall into this season. I am loving every moment.

    You know about the dig deeper contest? You have to find 60 clues in the 35 second video, then you can enter the contest.

  5. I didn't like the fairy storyline much when Charlaine Harrison wrote it. And it was corny as hell this first episode. I know we were stretching our imaginations when watching a series about vamps, wolves, shapeshifters...but FAIRIES???

    This last Sookie Stackhouse book gave the Fairy storyline a better twist, which I'm hoping Alan Ball incorporates into Trueblood. He certainly didn't incorporate the 'beautiful' fairy storyline. I can't wait to see Claude and Uncle Dermot. That should be worth some laughs.

    Thanks for the information about the contest. I'll check it out. Anyone have HBO to go and want to give us a heads up on episode 2?

  6. Sienna Minx wrote her thoughts on bonus episode 2 on the The Sweetest Taboo if you are a member and want to check it out. It is under the thread TRUE BLOOD SEASON 4 OFFICIAL DISCUSSION THREAD. She toggled it hidden and I haven't read it yet. Post #105.

    Most people on that site dislike episode 1. Since its a discussion board on interracial issues the big kick in the head is Tara not giving us any steamy hetero, interracial, romance.

    Sookie is stupid.

    I thought I'd just throw that out there. How in the hell do you disappear for a year and not tell your core group of friends what happened? Notice that Lafayette is protecting his cousin from her? He told Sookie that he couldn't get in touch with Tara because she just drops him a line every few months from different locations. Then he sends her a text - Sookie's back. I'd love to know Tara's backstory after her BFF disappeared.

    In the book, Sook would have been more thoughtful of her friends.


    Sienna Minx originally hated episode 1 but after watching episode 2 she says she has a change of heart and is absolutely digging eppy 1!!!

    Okay, someone with HBO to go should definitely give us the wiki version of episode 2. NO OPINIONS, just the straight scoop! It gives a better explanation (please let it be a dream sequence!!!!)

  8. Ok so my issue with episode one was it didn't go with the book. I'm hoping when hbogo finally works, I think it was overloaded, it will be much better.

  9. I love the fact that it deviates from the book. If it didn't, I would be bored as hell, knowing all of the plots. Just like the ending of season one. I was mad as hell because I thought that was Lafayette in the car. If they had stayed with the book, he would have been dead, Tara would have been white and an uber minor role. No Tommy, but we would have seen Bubba by now and Eric in spandex...

  10. Link to episode 2


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