Saturday, June 18, 2011

The uncut version of Juicy

JUICY; the novel had over 3,300 views. That was in just about 26 hours. Amazing. Some of you have undoubtedly noticed a change. Anonymous wrote:

Pepperpace, I love your work. I read all your stories multiple times and both Juicy stories, on Literotica and the full version here. I did notice you deleted a couple of parts: after the obgyn saw her and Juicy says "WTF kind of remedy is this!" and when Juicy punched Troy in the eye after he came back. I loved/laughed at both of these parts and thought this expounded on Juicy's character. Did you alter this to change Juicy's character?
Thanks, Admirer of you work.

While I prepared the novel for submission to a publishing company that requested the full manuscript, one of the requirements for them to accept it was that there be no lewd sex acts and that the language had to be mild cursing only. So you may have noticed that the descriptive sex was removed and Juicy's language was...mellowed out some. For instance, she says 'flipping' instead of fucking.

This was incredibly difficult for me. The sex provides an intimate picture of their characters and I found it to be important to the story--same with the the cursing.   

So, had this been published in the traditional way, then this is the novel that you would read in print. Fortunately for us all, I intend to e-publish the novel which will include all of the descriptive sex and all of the cursing. 

So technically there are two versions of Juicy; the Harlequin romance version (which is the one you've read) and the hardcore version (which is the one that will be e-published)

I'm happy that you got a chance to read this version of the novel because I doubt that this version will ever go to print. I'll certainly keep you posted on when it is published and I appreciate all of the comments and feedback!



  1. Thank you Pep for sharing Juicy with me. Both versions of the story is wonderful. I wish I had an ounce of your talent for writing. I don't, but fortunately I can read your stories. Thank you for sharing your gift. Flora

  2. When will the e-version be out? I like it uncut and not watered down.

  3. The uncut version will only be available when it's on sale. I don't have a date yet.

  4. It's great,Pep! Probably shouldn't have read it having just found out a pregnant but at least it will remind me to be as healthy as possible. Can't wait to bye it!

  5. Congratulations Casey. You have twins, don't you?

  6. Thanks! Yep I have identical girls they just turned four.

  7. Hi Pep! I've just sent you an email - let me know what you think! So very pleased for you! ;0) Billy


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