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The greatest fight scene

They Live

This is the quintessential fight scene! In my RP group; Vampiric Charms, there is a fight scene between Jeanne Pierre and Carlisle. They used this scene from They Live almost blow for blow. The response from the group was rather luke warm. I think predominantly we you guys went overboard. LOL. But a very good scene. And for those that are reading Vampiric Charms thank you. The hits are building up! We have 9 followers and nearly a thousand hits. 

Here is a peek. In this scene, the human; Carlisle (written by AngelSCC) has just discovered that his murdered sister now walks among the undead as a ghoul. His brother-in-law (written by Silvious) is a werewolf. JP has been asked by his mate--Carlisle's sister to watch her brother even though the two hate each other. The ensuing fight was epic. Lol!

"...Carlisle tried to struggle out of the invisible werewolf’s grip. Jeanne Pierre’s grip was like steel.

“Let me go! That was Jacinda! I have to go to her!”

“WAIT!” Jean Pierre held onto the human as he struggled to break free like a rat caught in a trap, “Look you dumb son of a bitch, that wasn’t Jacinda! It was a ghoul! And ghouls travel in packs! Right now we need to go before either her pack gets here or the ancient vampire that was with them does.”

“Look man, if you don’t let me go and my sister gets away you better find yourself some place to hide and pray to god that I don’t find you!” Carlisle couldn’t get the picture out of his head of his sister carrying the half dead vampire over her shoulder. Jeanne Pierre had called her a ghoul. He tried harder to yank free. She was his SISTER!

“That’s not your sister,” Jean Pierre wanted dearly to just let the man go so that the ghoul and her kind would rip him limb from limb and slowly eat his flesh and drink the fluids from his body while he screamed out in shear agony, after all he deserved no less for getting his sister turned into such a foul creature but he had given his word to both Layla and Miika before he left that he wouldn’t let Carlisle die if he could prevent it, “Do you understand me?! That was not your sister and if you go after that ghoul your just gonna end up dead. No more Layla. No more Momma Marlin. No more Papa Marlin. Nothin… do you get that?!”

Carlisle paused. And then he stopped struggling. “let me go.” He muttered. The wolf released him and Carlisle glared over his shadow at the place where he would be standing if he wasn’t still wearing that damnable charm. Carlisle reached out and felt for where it should be then he yanked it off the wolf’s body and jammed it into his pocket. He headed out of the alley after his sister.

“Carlisle! You dumb son of a-“ Jeanne Pierre grabbed the man by his shoulder.

“Hey! You stay the way from me!” He yelled, pointing an angry finger at the man that still held on to his shoulder.

“You’re not going anywhere! I told you-”

“You crazy muther-“ His fist came up with the force of a freight train and landed on Jeanne Pierre’s chin. The wolf’s head rocked back momentarily.

Jean Pierre looked at Carlisle in disbelief for a moment before connecting with a solid right cross to Carlisle’s jaw. The human flew backwards, but Jean Pierre didn’t want to kill him… well he did but he was sworn not to, “Look, I’m giving you a choice; Either stay down or I’m gonna feed you that trash can.”

Carlisle came up to his feet slowly. “Not this year.” The two men circled each other slowly. Carlisle brought up his fist, preparing to block the next blow, or to keep this big bastard off of him.

“Okay.” Jeanne Pierre brought up his fist as well and Carlisle’s right fist darted out, landed on the wolf’s chin but it was the left hook that dropped the wolf. Jeanne Pierre came up on his feet. Carlisle should have known that he was faking because as soon as he swung again, Jeanne Pierre dodged and landed a hard shot to his ribs. Then with an unmatched speed his fist came up twice more landing square in the older man’s face.

Carlisle didn’t drop. “Fuck!” He screamed, feeling his jaw crack. He stayed stooped over, favoring his jaw.

“Stay down Carlisle.” Jeanne Pierre walked to him. Carlisle’s eyes caught sight of the sledge hammer. He reached for it and swung it at the wolf’s head. It struck him with a solid thud and Jeanne Pierre dropped.

Jean Pierre didn’t even realize what had hit him in the head as he lay on his back. He shook his head several times before he was able to prop himself up on his shoulders, “I told you; you better find a place to hide if you let my sister get away” Carlisle stepped forward and while holding the head of the sledge in his fist he used it to pack his fist as he pummeld Jean Pierre in the face once more sending him back to the concrete.

Slowly the lycan rolled to his knees and begn to push himself up, while Carlisle loomed over him. Jean Pierre took a weak shot for Carlisle’s crotch, “You dirty mother fucker!” the human growled before the lycan shot up and headbutted him, easilly crossing the human’s eyes and turning his legs to jello. Carlisle crumbled to the ground.

Jean Pierre watched as blood seaped from several open wounds in his brother in laws face. He reached down and grasped Carlisle’s hand and offered to pull him to his feet, “You through yet?”

Carlisle blinked his eyes and tried to clear his head as he grasped the offered hand. Jeanne Pierre pulled him to his feet. Carlisle’s hand was cracked but he threw a punch that was ineffective.

“You punch like a pussy!” Jeanne Pierre growled, not even flinching.

“I got your pussy-“ Carlisle drew up his knee sharply and connected solidly to his brother in law’s groin. The air left his body as he dropped to the ground, favoring his injured privates. Carlisle limped slowly out of the alley. His jaw, his fist…hell his entire body ached.

There was an animal growl from behind him and then a quick movement. Carlisle couldn’t believe that the wolf was barreling at him like a fucking linebacker! He hit his ribs driving them both to the ground before Jeanne Pierre gripped the man’s shirt front with his left hand and began driving his fist into Carlisle’s ribs with the right.




Three times and then his fist smashed into his face knocking him against the adjacent brick wall. While he was against the wall Jeanne Pierre began pummeling with his massive fist. Carlisle struck out with his left fist and though he had a powerful left, he was not match for the pit fighter. Doing what he could, Carlisle gripped the big blonde by his head, anchoring him in place and attempting to drive his head into the wall. Instead Jeanne Pierre lifted him bodily and then fell backwards until the both of them slammed into the hard concrete ground.

Since he was on top and knowing that his nuts were already sore, Carlisle began to drive his knee repeatedly into the man’s groin. Each time hearing a satisfying Umph!

For a moment, all Jeanne Pierre could do was to cup his hands protectively between his legs. Carlisle stood, leaving him to writhe on the ground, instead the wolf locked his legs around Carlisle’s feet, sending him crashing to the ground yet again.

Panting and half out of breath, the two men dragged themselves to their feet. Jeanne Pierre was tired of playing with the human. He was going to knock him out! The two men circled each other, Carlisle surprising him when he dodged two of his punches. The third punch landed in the rear windshield of an abandoned car. Had he not been a werewolf that move would have broken his hand.

Carlisle reaches behind his back as Jean Pierre looks at him apologetically, “Look Carlisle I’m sorry about your sister. I really am. But what came through here tonight wasn’t her.” In one smooth motion Carlisle moved forward and swung in a tight arc, while pulling a switch blade from his back pocket. The knifes tip leapt free casing biting into the meat right below Jean Pierre’s left eye. Had the lycan been any slower he would have lost his eye.

Jean Pierre backed away and touched his cheek as his face slowly became a crimson mask. Carlisle moved towards him again and swung again for his face aiming for his eyes. A primal growl edged up from the depths of hell that lurked deep within the lycan’s soul as he reconized the burn that filtered through the cut on his cheek, “Silver.”

Carlisle swept the blade across Jean Pierre’s chest, adding one more scar to the mass that adorned his body from the pit fights. The two men began circling each other like a couple of lions readying for a kill. Though there was a distinct difference between the two killers; Carlisle was unleashing the beast in his soul. While Jean Pierre was trying to contain his for the sake of his love, Miika.

In an instant Carlisle sensed a moment of weakness from Jean Pierre, as the wolf reached out to his pack to help calm his anger, but as the knife knicked the skin at his side Jean Pierre grapsed Carlisle’s wrist and held it in place. He grabbed the man by the scruff of his shirt and hurled him down the alley into a metal trash bin. Leaving a deep impression of Carlisle’s body on the side of the heavy canister. Jean Pierre could hear the human gasping for breath as he stalked the alley towards him, “All you had to do was stay down,” he kicked a box of old rotted food out of his way, “but no. You play to all the stupid human steriotypes. We try are damndest to save your kind and are met with nothing but hostillity. Well, listen up you stupid fucker.” Jean Pierre picked up the knife before pinning Carlisle to the ground.

“Do you remember what I said I would do to you if you didn’t show me respect?” Jean Pierre reached down and grabbed Carlisle’s arm and bent it back at an awkward angle. Carlisle looked back at him in disbelief as he remembered Jean Pierre’s threat of making him a quadraplegic. A moment later agony ripped through Carlisle’s body causing him to black out as the last thing he felt was his arm being ripped from its socket..."


  1. south park mimicked this for a fight scene involving timmy.....sheer genius

  2. It's hard to find the Jimmy/Timmy version of this, that doesn't have all the wonderful dialogue covered by music. I searched high and low to no avail. Ruined, just ruined.

  3. Pepper I am sure that this is an old question, but I am new to your blog. I know that you were re-writing WOS for publication. But, is any of that still available on this blog? I thought I had seen something recently a POV version of a short chapter, and also a longer piece that might have included a chapter called Musical Therapy on this blog...but now I can't seem to find it. Peace,

  4. Also new to blogger etiquette maybe i should not have posed that last question on this thread...sorry.

  5. Hi ebony, you can post the questions wherever. It will come to me via e-mail. I wish blogger was more reader friendly (or that I was better at blogging). Anyways, here is the link to the WOS blog:

    This includes my first entry AFTER the story ended entitled WOS; the novel. But I didn't have any plans to publish this. I just wanted to make it read well as if it were published

    Also, on the right of this blog you will see a side panel where you will find the WOS interactive threads. That is an old version of the story, though.

    But hope to see more of your comments and feedback, ebony. I love getting questions and interacting with my co-bloggers. There are 147 followers but only like...10 people talk to me. :(


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