Wednesday, June 15, 2011

148 blog friends and my thank you gift to you

I think that is just dynamite! 148 followers since my first post October 27, 2009. Athenai and Ben were the first two people to ever leave a comment. As I post this, Beast chapter 10 continues to sit in the number 1 position on Literotica for all times. 

I remember first coming to Literotica for the sheer purpose of browsing the interracial category. I found some of the most awesome writers and was amazed that I had access to hundreds upon hundreds of free stories. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I wasn't even thinking about posting any of my stories. I was content to just read. Nerd4music was my first favorite author and I began to read her works voraciously. Then I discovered that she had a blog on blogspot and I began following that religiously. 

One thing led to another and I nervously submitted my first story and was surprised when I received so much positive feedback. And the first time I checked the Top List and searched for my story and found myself nestled comfortably in spot 54 I was so ecstatic! You would have thought that I had become published! I looked at these other writers and thought, man they must be so proud to be in that elusive number 1 spot. Now I will tell you what it feels like; like a dream or maybe the best fantasy. 

The only problem is that I wanted to have a dialogue with the readers, which is not possible on Literotica. And now, nearly 2 years later here I am. Obviously, my blog is what helped me to get there because it gave you all a voice.

So in appreciation, I'm going to do something that I said I would not do. I'm going to give you all JUICY; the novel. When I hit 150 followers, I will post the novel on the blog for 24 hours only. And then I will never never bring it back. Only one person besides myself has ever seen the completed work. But since my plans are now to e-publish, JUICY is soon going to be sold along with some other new Urban Vampire Chapter 3.

It looks like I'm going with Smashwords as it will be fully accessible on B&N and Amazon, so Kindle and Nook users will both be able to get it. 

So, again, I give thanks to you all for taking the time to read my stories, listen to my ramblings, and help me to dispel my self doubts.

Thank you,


  1. this is a nice bit of news to hear. congratulations!

    you do know we'll be swamping the blog now to make sure we don't miss the juicy, right?

  2. yes congratulations! I'm ecstatic you'll have your work available for purchase! As I don't have an e-reader I'll have to get on that soon but I'm stoked that I've been able to follow you along this journey! Your stories are ... ah-maz-ing so... kike mokkelke said - I'm camped out waiting for the next update :)

  3. I guess I'm downloading the kindle app.

  4. Congrats cicia you hve a grat talent

  5. There are a 151 followers now! Juicy time!
    Quesion do you know if your stories will be on com

  6. Juciy is thee on the top of my favorite PepperPace stories. I remember when I first came across Urban Vampire. My other writers N4M, SF69 and Soular (my regulars) were in between post and while rereading SF69's story I came across your story and have been hooked ever since. Thank your for writing. It brings me joy. Seriously. Though I have yet to read untilted (just finished reading a story call FAT KILLS soo bomb check it out) I'm going to pull it up in the morning. Love your stories mucho mucho mucho!!!

  7. Kalibiggirl, where did can I find the story fat kills?

  8. Congratulations! I will definitely repurchase any of your written stories; just to own...... I look forward to owning Kindle editions of your future novels. Good Luck!!


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