Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A day in the life of Kim

Happy Valentines day to ME. I bought myself a KINDLE (no, I'm still a NOOK fan) and some flowers, and I indulged in some candy (rare treat, but my sister-friend, Kelly made me a gift bag). I even got a friendship carnation from one of my co-workers and someone special asked me to be his Valentine. It was a nice day.

However, I'm neither a supporter or hater of Valentines day. Some people call it a fake holiday invented just to support the flower industry and to encourage spending. I am of the mind that the intent of this day is to show people that you love how much you care for them and you are a sucker if you spend more than you can afford. A cheap $2 card and a trip to a restaurant is what would satisfy most people (or maybe I'm just talking about myself). 

What's the big deal if there is a day devoted to lovers? It's sweet...however I'm always brought to mind a story I heard a few years ago. An older man killed his wife and adult children because they failed to wish him a happy valentines day. Unfortunately he killed them the day BEFORE Valentines Day. Sooo...I guess I'm saying that I hope you remembered to tell your loved ones Happy Valentines day because you never know how badly someone needs to hear those words.

Good news, I received a letter in the mail that said, "Your second mammogram appears to be normal..." So I called my Mom, of course, and told her that I found the letter to be a bit shady. She responded by saying that I was the only person she knows who has to take good news and examine it from all angles. 

Really now? Why should this letter be acceptable? Is this the new language used by professionals to protect themselves from being sued? What would happen if society adopted this type of response? What if I'm eating in a restaurant and I ask the chef if my chicken is cooked thoroughly and he responds by saying, "It appears to be."

What would make me happy? The letter should have said, "After thorough and repeated testing of your second mammogram, our radiologist specialist have determined that you show no signs of cancer. Now you may dance the happy dance...Oh and we are very sorry that we just sent this information by mail instead of calling you--even though you must have been a nervous wreck waiting for these slow-ass results to arrive and it made you feel positive that it would contain some bad new. No worries, baby girl. You are all good!"

That is what my letter should have said.

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