Monday, February 27, 2012

Jan Pehchan Ho


  1. never seen the movie ut u have loved this piece FOREVER! i am so happy that a new person has discovered it and likes it enough to share it. my friends don't get why i am obsessed with it, EVERYTHING about it. why aren't there any comments on your post pep?:(

  2. I want to dance to this! This should be on Just Dance so that I can do my WII workout to it. Well, even if no one else is posting, hopefully I exposed someone to something very cool!

  3. My daughter was the first to be obsessed with this song and she told me that the meaning behind it is that it is to simulate that the woman is having sex with all of the men; hence the frenzied movements.

    I am not sure about that and besides, when we were watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo she thought the initials BJ could be found in the bible because didn't God say; thou shall not give a blow job? To which I said; No. BJ stands for Baby Jesus--which lead to Big Baby Jesus references and Wu-Tang. Yeah, it is a good thing that we were just watching this on Netflix and not at the movies. But I digress...


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