Thursday, February 9, 2012

CRASH now available exclusively on Amazon

CRASH is the lasted e-book that I've self-published. But with a slight difference. You see CRASH can be yours for free. Yes, I know it was already yours for free when it appeared on Literotica (but it's not there anymore).
Amazon has something called Kindle Prime. It is a FREE lending library. But it's only for those people that have an actual Kindle E-reader (which counts me out...I still love my NOOK)

You can borrow one book a month from the library...or you can just buy it (smile). Well I make money either way because this programs will give me a share of the big POT of allotted funds for each book borrowed.

-Amazon Kindle


  1. Hey Pep!

    Love this story is there more to it between Luke& Sophie or you kept it the same? Either way it's a good read.

    Just had to ask(:

  2. There is about a thousand extra words but purely for the sake of editing. There is no real addition to the story. But somehow I don't think this is the last time we will see these two appear in one of my stories...I think every character that has a baby should meet up for a play date. What do you think?

  3. Lemme just say I've just finished reading Crash, and I have tears flowing down my cheeks! This is thee best IR story I've read yet (with Stranded coming in close 2nd)! Your writing is superb. The characters and images were so vivid in my head that I felt like I was there! This needs to be a major motion picture and not some Lifetime movie either! This...and Stranded! I am a fan fo' life!

    1. Thank you! Crash is so special to me and I am truly happy that you understand where I was coming from with it. The same with Juicy. Neither of these stories was easy to write. I had to dig deep into a place where you can showcase what is at the heart of even the toughest human being.


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