Sunday, February 2, 2014

J.K Rowlings ruined Harry Potter?

So J.K. Rowlings admits to messing up when she hooked up Hermione and Ron instead of Hermione and Harry. I am not a Harry Potter geek, but yes I read the first few books and then finished out by watching the movies.

But I did feel that she missed the boat with the pairing. No one cared about Harry more than Hermione. Even when Ron flaked out, Hermione stayed a true friend. And as her reward she gets the story's buffoon. When my daughter explained that Harry would end up marrying Jenny I remember saying, who the eff is Jenny? How did she earn the right to marry the STAR when we barely know whats in her heart??? Ugh...

Anyhow, my point is that authors mess up--even really good and successful ones. If authors could go back and re-write a popular book my re-write would be They Say Love is Blind (to add a wedding), and Stranded (to change the name and to add more to the story and then ending).

But now that she admitted to messing up I'm a little more understanding. Sorry but my mind is not easily manipulated to just go with the flow--it felt wrong which ruined the experience for me...much like the last episodes of Roseanne and Dallas.

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