Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yet another ice storm. Mother suck!

Yet another winter storm. This time it's pure ice. I was driving within the first 45 minutes of it and I can attest that it was treacherous. But I get home safely, blink the ice off of my eyeballs and then fall asleep, comfy and cozy in my bed (with a fleece blanket AND comforter).

That's when I get a call from my teenaged daughter who is attending college in another state; Power is knocked out in her apartment building due to the storm. Grrrr! I want to get my babygirl and bring her home and tuck her into a warm bed and then make her hot cocoa in the morning!!! It sucks having a child that needs you and you are separated by circumstances. Mother Nature you can be one bitch.

Babygirl is a trooper though. Despite the fact that I failed to supply her with candles or a working flashlight she is using the flame of a lighter to see by. Very McGyver! Go babygirl go!

She also informed me that she has shut the window so that it will keep the cold out. See! All the bucks I'm spending for college is surely creating a smart young lady!

Now she is going to go lay down and stop texting me since the power on her cellphone is low. Ha! yes indeed my babygirl figured this all out on her own!!! Here is a picture of my daughter the way I see her; which is as an anime character...with one Vampire tooth...(not sure why)


  1. I have a daughter who is just 15 months old but every little accomplishment, every little influence I see I've had on her fills me with pride. For you it must be ten fold as you've had a longer amount of time to watch your daughter grow, blossom and show how generally kick-butt she can be :-) Congrats Pep! You've obviously done good!! #proudmama


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