Thursday, February 13, 2014

Free Read on Kindle: Wheels of Steel Book 3
Wheels of Steel 3 is featured for free on Kindle. If you did not read the re-edit which includes the new ending then here is your opportunity to download it for free. Remember, if you don't have a Kindle you can download a free reading app onto your computer which will allow you to read Kindle books on your PC.


  1. When you say re-edits, for your other books as you mean grammatically or actual content?

  2. Hello Pepper,
    Thank you for the kind offer but I decided to purchase in paperback. I must support my favorite author. Sincerely Bain

  3. Thank you Bain, for being one of my biggest supporters!

  4. Hello Pepper, since this is a re-edit edition how do I get this version? You see I've already purchased a copy before and wanted to have this edited version. Is there something I have to do on Thank You

    1. Hi ShornaR,
      As long as you have your Kindle set to accept 'automatic book update' which is under your Kindle Account then it will happen automatically. Contact Amazon if it appears that the update hasn't happened and you do have it set to accept automatic updates.

  5. Hi Pepper, thanks for answering. I will have to contact since none of your re-edited versions of your books were automatically updated. I have checked my settings and it is set to on.

  6. ShornaR if you let us know your response I'd be grateful. I'm sure other readers are experiencing the same situation.


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