Thursday, February 20, 2014

More information on non-receipt of my e-book updates

Many thanks to ShornaR for taking the time to contact Amazon concerning non-receipt of the re-edited e-books that I've been working so hard on. 

If you use Amazon to purchase your e-books you should be able to automatically receive updates on your e-books. You do this by going to YOUR ACCOUNT, then MANAGE YOUR DEVICES, and lastly AUTOMATIC BOOK UPDATE. You can turn this option on and off and it is supposed to allow the updates to happen automatically. Well it's not happening automatically for many people. So ShornaR contacted Amazon who gave her some enlightening information which she has shared with us. Amazon's response is that the updates will not happen if the book has not been 'quality reviewed' by the staff.

However, I can not accept that explanation. Whenever an author uploads an e-book to Amazon it does go to a quality control and is kicked back to have corrections made if necessary. When asked how long this supposed quality control would take since some of the updates were made three or more months previously, the CSR indicated that he did not know. However he then went on to send each of the new edits to ShornaR--which made no sense to us that it is NOW okay to send them even though they evidently have not been quality controlled. 

So how I interpret this is that if you contact Amazon's customer service (best done on live chat through your computer) you will then be sent the updates.

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